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Between The Lines – Tammara Webber

on March 20, 2013

Between The LinesBetween The Lines (Between The Lines #1)
Tammara Webber
2011, eBook
Copy bought for my Kindle

Emma Pierce is a 17 year old actress who has mostly made commercials and filmed smaller parts in Lifetime movies. Now she’s up for her first leading role in a wide-release film, even though it’s not really how she wants to go with her acting. Placed under pressure by her manager-father and stepmother, Emma auditions for the role of Lizbeth Bennet in a modern day remake of Pride & Prejudice set in an American high school. It’s one of Emma’s favourite books and closely tied to the memory she has of her mother, who died when Emma was 6. When Emma is awarded the role, mostly due to the chemistry she has with the actor playing Will Darcy, she packs her bags for a shoot in Austin, Texas.

Reid Alexander is the current “It boy” of movies. He’s determined to make this film, School Pride another roaring success and help raise his celebrity profile even more. When Reid does read-throughs with the potential Lizbeths, he knows that there’s only one choice – Emma Pierce. She’s perfect for the role and she interests Reid on many levels outside of filming as well. He begins putting in all effort to win Emma, who isn’t like the other starlets and hangers-on that he’s used to scoring with. Emma is different and although she isn’t immune to the Reid charm, she doesn’t give in all the way either. And Reid faces some competition from Graham, another actor on set who seems to be spending an awful lot of time with Emma.

Torn between two very different males, Emma isn’t sure what she wants. On one hand, Reid is handsome, charming, a superstar and seems to be playing the perfect boyfriend, even if he is beginning to push that little bit further than she’s willing to go. Emma feels that she can really talk to Graham – she’s comfortable around him. But Graham also seems to be involved with Brooke, another cast member who also has a history with Reid. This world is very new to Emma and she’s struggling to negotiate it all.

I’ve heard a lot of good things about Tammara Webber, particularly about her book Easy. I picked up this very cheap on Kindle months ago and filed it away in my YA folder, ready for…one day. That day came when I received the second novel for review. Once self-published, this series (and Easy) have been picked up for publication in the UK and Australia by Penguin Books. Given what I’d heard, I expected to love this one, but unfortunately, I did not.

The narrative is split 50-50 between Reid and Emma and although this juxtaposes Emma’s naive, new-star view with Reid’s spoiled, jaded one, it also means that I spent a lot of time in Reid’s selfish mind, which I did not particularly enjoy. That’s kind of an understatement – I actually came to dislike Reid quite a lot. I didn’t feel sorry for him, with his ‘little rich boy with the distant father and descending-into-alcoholism mother’. His very attitude towards women, towards life, towards everything, rubbed me the wrong way. Reid is such a cliché, in the very worst sense of the word. He’s two dimensional, he’s utterly, utterly boring. And later in the book he goes from behaving like a brat to behaving like a total douchebag. You want to be an adult, Reid? You want to be independent and prove how much of a man you are? Maybe start acting like one.

The following paragraph is mildly **spoilerish**

Emma on the other hand, is relatively inoffensive although she seems to possess very little willpower and strength of character. She doesn’t even seem to know why she likes Reid, other than he’s rich, he’s famous, he’s Reid. They don’t talk, they don’t connect on any level other than a semi-physical one but even that seems very forced. The amazing chemistry that they were supposed to have from Emma’s first audition was totally missing for me. I didn’t see it, I was only told about it. And when they connected as a couple, it was severely lacking. Emma spends most of the time wondering how she can get out of having to have sex with him and Reid spends most of the time wondering how he can finally get her to have sex with him. If you have to think about how to break it that you’re not ready (all of this takes place over the course of like, a week or two) then you need a new boyfriend. Reid is so used to girls just giving him everything because he’s a movie star that he doesn’t know how to have an actual relationship – in fact it takes him a long time to even figure out if that’s what they’re having and if that’s what he wants. He’s also annoyingly jealous of Emma’s morning runs with co-star Graham but seems to conveniently forget that he’s out there getting his “needs met” when Emma isn’t ready. Ugh. Also? Reid and Graham have something in common that just seems so unbelievable. The fact that they deal with it in totally different ways is supposed to show the reader how fundamentally different they are as characters.

End spoilers

I’ve read the blurb of the second book and to be honest, I don’t even know why it exists. This book had a perfectly adequate ending and I see no reason to revisit Reid at all and have another character from this novel do a total 180 in order to cause conflict in the next. Trilogies these days are really beginning to make me question why there’s a need for a 3 book arc when so many can really be done in 1.


Book #67 of 2013


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