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The Trouble With Lucy – L.J. Young

on February 28, 2013

Trouble With LucyThe Trouble With Lucy
L.J. Young
Destiny Romance
2012, eBook
Copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley

Lucy Lockhart couldn’t be more out of her comfort zone. She has a hectic job in the city, designer clothes and shoes, a hectic social life and an IT-whiz of a boyfriend named Zip. When she suffers some sort of epileptic fit at work, her doctor recommends that she not be alone for at least two weeks. She also cannot drive and most of her friends have other commitments or their tiny studio flats don’t allow for guests. So Lucy has to pack up and go and stay with her parents in a small country town to recuperate and hopefully get through the two weeks without another incident before she can return to her busy life.

Lucy is not equipped for country living it seems and when her friend bogs Lucy’s car, they are lucky when Tom McGregor happens by and assists them. Watching Lucy, Tom can tell she’s not for this life – her impractical stiletto heels and designer label clothes don’t fit in with utes, jeans and boots. Lucy reminds him of another city girl he once knew, a memory that it doesn’t do him any good to revisit.

Lucy settles in with obvious reluctance – her parents don’t even own a computer, much less have the internet so that she can check her emails. Even though she’s on leave she’s still supposed to be working and then of course there’s Zip, who has just zipped himself off to the Big Apple with a big promotion. Lucy keeps reassuring herself that he’s a jolly good boyfriend, even if they have been going out for over a year with no real progression at all in the relationship and the fact that Zip has been mysteriously incommunicado since he left the country. There’s also Tom McGregor lurking around the local area – he and Lucy keep crossing paths and Lucy feels the shivers of attraction every single time. But she has Zip (jolly good boyfriend that he is) and it seems that Tom is promised to a local girl, someone who isn’t too silly to bog her car in the mud.

Despite the interest, Tom and Lucy could never work out…after all, Lucy is a city girl through and through….and Tom is blissfully happy here in the country. It’s best that Lucy just get back to her old life.

The Trouble With Lucy was one of the November Destiny Romance titles that I received along with Her Italian Aristocrat. This one is a rural romance, with our main character Lucy being an espresso drinking, stiletto heel wearing bona fide city girl who is none too impressed about being exiled deep into the quiet country for a couple of weeks. She’s horrified by the mud, the fertiliser, the fact that her parents have a chook that comes inside and a pig that sticks its head into the kitchen as well. There’s nothing to do, no where to get a decent coffee (the local cafe serves instant) and the internet is only available at the local library and incurs a charge. It’s a far cry from the busy and hectic life Lucy is used to.

However the country slowly begins to grow on Lucy. She helps deliver a calf, an experience that leaves her amazed and in awe of nature and of course there’s local Tom McGregor who seems to be lurking around every corner, all handsome and country charm. Lucy’s feeling the neglect of her boyfriend Zip and she can’t help but wonder what it might be like to be Tom’s girlfriend instead. She’s sure he wouldn’t leave her for another country, especially when she’s had her fit.

The Trouble With Lucy is a novel of self-discovery. Lucy seems very young when she arrives in town, concerned with her six hundred dollar shoes and her fancy coffee. She’s only there a few weeks, but it seems like her time in the country teaches her what’s important and that life is for living, not to spend working all the hours in a day in a job that she doesn’t even really like or is appreciated at. Likewise she sees that her relationship with Zip is sorely lacking – they have little in common and there’s nothing to tie them together once he’s left the country. In Tom, she sees the sort of relationship that she thinks she could have, the one that she wants, but both of them it seems, have things to overcome before they can be together, most of all the fact that one of them lives in the bustling city and the other loves the quiet life deep in the country. Lucy does undergo some rapid growth in a short amount of time and I did enjoy that. I’d have liked a little more time spent on the development of her relationship with Tom. They had several interactions but there wasn’t quite enough spice for me! Fans of sweet romances where the action is kept behind a closed door will appreciate this though! It’s a nice story though and it fits in very well with the popular wave of rural fiction.


Book #284 of 2012

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