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Fast Forward – Juliet Madison

on February 17, 2013

Fast ForwardFast Forward
Juliet Madison
Harlequin Escape
2013, eBook
Bought for my Kindle

Kelli Crawford has everything going for her. On the eve of her 25th birthday, the aspiring model is incredibly happy. Her career is taking off, she has the most perfect photographer boyfriend who she thinks might be about to propose and all her friends are gathering the next night to help her celebrate her milestone. And she’s bought the most perfect red dress for the occasion.

When Kelli wakes up the next morning, there’s something wrong. The face looking back at her isn’t her beautiful, smooth, perfectly unlined 25yo face. The face looking back at her has wrinkles. And crows feet. Kelli has somehow woken up on the morning of her 50th birthday, fast forwarded in time. The bathroom is futuristic and confuses her. And instead of gorgeous photographer Grant, it appears that Kelli is married to William McSnelly, the high school nerd. Which makes her…. Kelli McSnelly.

Kelli’s not sure how her life ended up this way. She has two kids, a husband that she can barely remember in high school except as being a dork and a business. Where’s the modelling career? Where are her glamorous looks and beautiful clothes? Where’s her gorgeous husband? Kelli has to negotiate the crazy new technology that she doesn’t know how to work, relate to people who think they’ve known her for years when really to her, they’re nothing but strangers, and fend off the amorous advances of her husband all the while getting ready to celebrate her 50th in style – but it isn’t the birthday she wants. She’s desperate to go back to being 25 – but how on earth is she going to make that happen?

The longer she spends in her 50 year old body, the more Kelli comes to realise what is important. And if she ever makes her way back to her 25yo life….it might not be the one she wants.

I heard a few people raving about this one on twitter and I thought the concept sounded like a lot of fun so I nabbed it for my Kindle and ended up reading it practically in one sitting. It’s a funny book with a more serious thread running through it.

Almost 25-yo Kelli is quite shallow and seems to care only about her burgeoning modelling career and the fact that her boyfriend is good looking. She’s looking forward to partying and basically thinking about how awesome her life is and how boring it is that her sister doesn’t seem to think that way, storming out when Kelli was making a speech about how good things were. When she wakes up as a 50 year old, she’s still that shallow girl trapped in a middle-aged body. She is horrified at her wrinkles, her soft tummy and her sagging breasts. There’s plenty of moments to giggle at reading Kelli trying to negotiate a futuristic shower and a wrist device known as an epad which seems to have obliterated the need for a handbag. It’s a phone, tablet, wallet, etc all in one and also contains information like drivers license, of which can be accessed via scanning or at the touch of a button. The very name epad had me laughing – my technologically inept father struggles with names of things – for many years he has referred to iPods as ePods and when iPads came out he referred to them as ePads as well. The term ePad has been entered into our family vernacular for years now, so it was funny to see it actually existing in terms of this book! Kelli finding out exactly who she was married to brought the laughs as well. She was firmly stuck back in high school when she was pretty and he was the nerd who got post-its saying “Kick me” stuck to his back every day.

Watching Kelli negotiate her new life was hard! I was trying to imagine how I’d feel if I woke up some 25 years into the future. What would be different? How would I react to certain things? I already have children, so I wouldn’t be shocked at their appearance like Kelli was but it would be very bizarre to wake up one morning and find out that my boys were now 29 and 26! There are countless ways for her to slip up, clueless as she is with life 25 years into the future. She didn’t know what her own daughter looked like! And it was nice to see a character not-so-quietly freaking the heck out. I’ve read time travel books before where the main character is kind of all blase about being catapulted around in time (usually backwards) so it was nice to see Kelli losing the plot and having trouble maintaining a façade of everything being okay.

There’s lots of laughs here but there’s also quite a nice thread about Kelli learning what is important and how it’s okay to want to chase a dream and not be so caught up in a trendy lifestyle. She learns to take herself more seriously and realises that she’s not just a really beautiful woman – she’s also much more than that and there are people out there who will appreciate her for being more than a gorgeous body and face. She has great ideas and a smart brain and is capable of doing things and caring for people and having a fabulous family and life. This was a great book, very addictive and it was all too easy to simply sink into Kelli’s life and laugh at her predicament and cheer her on through it as she tried to get back to her 25yo self so that she could live the next 25 years and enjoy them.

I want more to read from Juliet Madison.


Book #38 of 2013


Fast Forward is the 19th book read and reviewed for AWW2013


7 responses to “Fast Forward – Juliet Madison

  1. I totally agree. A freshingly different read. Juliet has quite a unique storytelling ability.

  2. Marg says:

    I will definitely be looking forward to reading more from Juliet Madison too.

  3. Shari says:

    Such a fun read. Did not want it to end!

  4. I haven’t managed to read this one yet, but it sounds like a good mixture of humour and seriousness.

  5. […] “This was a great book, very addictive and it was all too easy to simply sink into Kelli’s life and laugh at her predicament and cheer her on” Bree at 1Girl2manyBooks: Fast Forward […]

  6. […] “This was a great book, very addictive and it was all too easy to simply sink into Kelli’s life and laugh at her predicament and cheer her on” Bree at 1Girl2manyBooks: Fast Forward […]

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