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One Little White Lie – Loretta Hill

on February 2, 2013

One Little White LieOne Little White Lie
Loretta Hill
Random Romance
2013, eBook
Copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley

Kate Dresden is single after she discovered that her previous boyfriend had been betraying her for probably the entire length of their relationship. Kate’s best friend Lisa is determined to see that Kate is as happy and loved up as she herself is and tries to keep fixing Kate up with men, everywhere. After a random meeting at a bar turns out to be nothing of the sort, Kate loses her temper and finally tells Lisa to back off and stop setting her up, because she already has a boyfriend. She just hasn’t told anyone because it’s new and she was keeping it secret to see how things went.

It’s a blatant lie of course, Kate just wants Lisa off her back and she feels that this is the only way in which Lisa will listen to her. But her plan backfires badly when Lisa insists that Kate bring her new boyfriend to Lisa’s engagement party. Kate arrives, ready to tell everyone that the relationship is over when all of a sudden her “boyfriend” appears. Kate is partially shocked – who is this man? Why is he saying he’s her boyfriend? What’s going on? And also partially intrigued. This man fits the bill for her ideal sort of boyfriend and as she spends more time with him, she finds out that they’re extremely compatible.

Henry has always wanted to meet someone just as himself, not as a name that sells a lot of books. With Kate he has that chance, but all secrets have to come out eventually…

One Little White Lie is a cute and fun novella from Loretta Hill, best selling author of The Girl In Steel-Capped Boots and The Girl In The Hard Hat. Here Loretta heads away from the Pilbarra and remote locations and sets her story in a city. Kate is a PhD student, still working on her thesis and still reeling from a bad break up. What makes things worse is that her ex is still in her life and never loses an opportunity to put her down or make her feel an inch high. She has trust issues, which makes it hard to relax when she meets someone and she’s tired of being set up.

Henry wrote a trilogy which outsold just about everything else on the market and is being made into a movie. As a result of this and his new found wealth, he often finds that women aren’t interested in him, just his pen name and his money. When he meets Kate, he sees a chance for a woman to get to know the real him – and he gets to spend time with the woman that intrigued him from the very first time he laid eyes on her. There’s quite an attraction between Kate and Henry but they both have some obstacles and baggage to overcome first.

I couldn’t help but relate to Kate. I’ve been her, the single friend that people often pity! I never had anyone attempt to matchmake me though, and had anyone tried, especially to the extent that Lisa was going to, I’d have lost my temper very quickly. Sometimes you need time to get over a bad break-up! When Kate opens her mouth and the lie tumbles out, I felt for her. I thought it was sad that she needed to lie because her friend was not listening to her. However Kate also needed to let go of her bitterness and her trust issues and she was probably never going to be able to do that until she moved on, so I could see why Lisa wanted her to be open minded to meeting someone and trying to find some happiness again with another person.

Being a shorter story, the relationship developing between Henry and Kate did feel a little bit rushed but I’m used to reading full length novels where things can take a lot longer! This was still a very fun, quirky story with some interesting characters that proved you can take Hill out of the Pilbarra and she’s still going to deliver.


Book #19 of 2013


One Little White Lie is the 8th novel read and reviewed for the Australian Women Writers Challenge 2013


One response to “One Little White Lie – Loretta Hill

  1. Loretta Hill says:

    Thanks for the great review. So glad to hear that you emphasized with Kate too.

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