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Cry Wolf – Patricia Briggs

on January 24, 2013

Cry Wolf2Cry Wolf (Alpha & Omega #1)
Patricia Briggs
Ace Books
2008, 294p
Read from my local library

Anna isn’t just a werewolf, she’s what’s known as an Omega. They’re not as submissive, are often not compelled to obey the direct order of an Alpha or more dominant wolf and they’re protective with an ability to soothe and bring peace. For the last three years, Anna has been treated abominably by her pack – attacked, violated, abused, lied to and isolated. Then Charles Cornick, the son of the Marrok (most Alpha of all the werewolves) arrived to investigate and freed her from the horrible life she was living. He insists that she is to be his mate – his wolf and Anna’s wolf have immediately accepted each other. Charles’ human side has accepted Anna too but given the treatment she has experienced at the hands of men, all of them weres, Anna’s human is less quick to come on board.

She travels with Charles to the Marrok’s territory in Montana, far away from her former pack. Almost immediately after they arrive, Charles is informed of a ‘rogue wolf’. Although still quite injured from his fight, Charles is one of the strongest, most dominant wolves around. He is his father’s enforcer and it’s imperative that the wolf the Marrok sends is strong enough not to be dominated by the rogue, because the rogue would possibly be able to make a weaker wolf submit to his will or join him. So even though Charles is not precisely ready to be trekking into the wilderness, he’s the best option they have so he and Anna prepare for a camping trip.

What they find deep in the snow and woods is much more than they bargained for. It becomes a battle for their strength and survival and it’s going to take everything they have. Anna is going to learn exactly what an Omega wolf is and what her role truly will be in a pack, now that she’s been given a chance to be who she should be.

Okay, so Patricia Briggs gets a lot of love in a lot of places so I was pretty excited to start this series. I haven’t read her before, and the reason that I didn’t enjoy this was partially my fault. I knew this was the first book in the series, but I didn’t realise that there was a companion novella that kicked this off – it explains Anna’s former situation with her old pack and her introduction to Charles. This is rehashed in this novel, but very briefly. So to be honest, I spent the first 50ish pages not really having a clue what was going on. The novella is packaged with several others and I could’ve bought it for my Kindle, if I’d wanted to and caught up to where I was supposed to be, before starting this book. But I didn’t really want to. But ultimately I think that even if I had of read that novella first, it wouldn’t have made a lot of difference to how I felt about this book. Because this book? Is kind of boring.

It’s just under 300p but to be honest, it dragged. We go through Anna packing up her stuff and moving to Montana with Charles and her inner monologue on all of the toing and froing about this decision. Her wolf recognises Charles’ wolf as her mate and trusts and accepts him but Anna’s human side is still very nervous and lacking in faith. This is quite expected, given what she went through but I have to say, I expected a lot more passion and chemistry between these two characters. They basically treat each other like brother and sister (except for one time, which is one of the least sexy moments I’ve read in a book, to be honest!) and I didn’t particularly feel anything towards either of them. Charles is perfectly nice (again – boring) and Anna is a basket case at the beginning who very slowly begins to gain some confidence and see her potential. Her coming-into-herself-slowly arc was quite nice and probably my favourite part of the book but the rest of it was pretty unmemorable. I wasn’t particularly interested in the story behind the rogue wolf, especially once I found out who the rogue wolf was. I think I was supposed to find it sad and poignant but it was just uninteresting and I wanted it to be over. Unfortunately, that took far too long for such a short book.

This series spins off/crosses over with the Mercy Thompson series and there was an extract in the back of the book for one of those books. To be honest, that 5 pages was more interesting to me than the entire story of Cry Wolf so maybe these Alpha & Omega books aren’t for me and I should try her other series? I know the Mercy Thompson books do have a huge amount of fans. I’m not going to write off a well-liked author on one novel that didn’t work for me but I have to say, I’m not in a big hurry to try anything else. It’s not that I really disliked this book, or that I hated it or that it made me angry. That might almost have been preferable – instead I was just totally indifferent. The story and most of the characters made me feel very little at all, which was disappointing as I was expecting to feel all of the feelings! after what I’d heard.


Book #15 of 2013

LitExp Challenge

Cry Wolf counts towards my participation in the Literary Exploration ’13 Challenge. It was the 3rd book I read and I’m using it to tick off the urban fantasy category.


2 responses to “Cry Wolf – Patricia Briggs

  1. Danielle says:

    Oh! What a shame you didn’t like it. Yes, you do absolutely need the novella. But I’d also suggest you start with the original series that this spin-off is based on, ‘Mercy Thompson’. It really, truly is fantastic and heralded in the new wave of ‘urban fantasy’.

    I think you need Mercy because in that series Briggs does the world-building heavy-lifting, particularly around Charles and where he fits in the werewolf pack hierarchy (he’s a killer, an assassin, his father’s right-hand-man in all nasty dealings). I think you need that back-story to appreciate Anna and Charles and who Charles is when he’s with Anna. And because Briggs also gives lots of tidbits about werewolf lore and pack protocol, you learn how badly abused Anna was to be such a basket-case in this book.

    Please give Briggs one more chance with ‘Moon Called’ and Mercy Thompson. I promise you; that book sets up a complex love triangle, kicks-off with a rabid werewolf and is just generally amazing.

  2. curlygeek04 says:

    Sorry you didn’t enjoy this but I definitely suggest you read the Mercy Thompson series! I’ve read the Cry Wolf series just because it’s Patricia Briggs, and it’s okay but I LOVE the Mercy Thompson series. I know people who are put off by the covers but don’t be. Mercy is one of the coolest and well-developed heroines I’ve seen in urban fantasy and the male characters are way more interesting than Charles.

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