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The Stranger (Just One Night #1) – Kyra Davis

on January 14, 2013

StrangerThe Stranger
Kyra Davis
Simon & Schuster
2013, 120p
Copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley

Kasie Fitzgerald is in Las Vegas for one last pre-wedding weekend and her best friend murmurs in her ear that she should sleep with a stranger. Kasie dismisses this until in the casino, she sees Robert Dade. Handsome, well-dressed, powerful and dangerous the sight of him gives her ideas.

It was supposed to be just one night – that’s all. One night of passion, something that made her feel before she married the man she’s been seeing for the last 6 years. The safe, sensible option, the one that fits in with all of the other life choices that Kasie has made. But then the stranger reappears in her life…

He’s the billionaire CEO of a company that has engaged her PR firm and Kasie is made head of the team to handle the account. That means that she’s going to be seeing a lot of him an he’s made it very clear that he’s anxious to repeat the experience they shared in Vegas. And no matter how many times Kasie tells herself and him that it’s not going to happen again, it does. Again and again.

With Robert Dade, Kasie experiences a freedom to act and do as she wants, to let something inside of her out to be free that she cannot do in her regular life. But she’s promised herself to someone else and something has to give…

Sometimes a book is fabulous because it’s original, something fresh and new and exciting that a reader has never come across before and strikes a chord within them. Sometimes a book is fabulous not because it’s original, but because it’s well done. An old idea can still be amazing, if it’s done very well. And sometimes a book is none of these things.

Kasie Fitzgerald has an Ivy League education and a fabulous job with a top firm that she owes to her tax accountant boyfriend of 6 years. She wears no-nonsense suits and apparently the night in Vegas is the first time she’s ever worn something that wasn’t hideously unflattering, hiding her body from the world. She’s sure her boyfriend is going to propose soon and her friend urges her to sleep with a stranger before she ends up tied down for life. Kasie gives this statement the disdain it deserves until she spots Robert Dade and from then on, it’s just a matter of how long until she’s in his private suite.

When Robert turns out to be the CEO of the company who has hired her firm and of course he has requested she head up the account because she dropped her business card in his suite. Way to be anonymous for your one night stand Kasie! Confronted by Robert in her place of work, her life, Kasie attempts to tell him that what happened in Vegas, stays in Vegas but it seems like Robert doesn’t get that memo – and actually, neither does Kasie and she’s only too happy to repeat the experience in his office, at his home, on the internet via webcam.

I was hoping the fact that Kasie was basically engaged would provide an interesting element to what is becoming a tired formula: billionaire CEO and sexually inexperienced or naive young woman but that didn’t seem to happen. In fact, all it seemed to do was make me dislike Kasie even more. She doesn’t seem to actually care for her boyfriend/fiancé at all but nor will she end things with him because his godfather is the boss of her company and that apparently would mean he would fire her? Is that actually allowed? I suppose she got hired when her boyfriend put in a good word for her so I suppose it’s not too much of a stretch to believe that she’d be fired if she were no longer dating him but that does seem like a unfair dismissal lawsuit right there. I didn’t really get a sense of Kasie’s moral dilemma because it doesn’t really actually seem to be one – she says she’s not going to sleep with Dade again because she’s nearly engaged and then actually engaged, but she still does anyway, more than once.

This is a short novel, very short and it seems that’s at the expense of developing the character of Robert Dade into anything beyond a cardboard cutout. He’s rich, he’s well dressed, he’s a CEO of something-or-other and he’s fascinated with Kasie. That’s about the extent of the character insight we get into him and I didn’t find him that interesting or even that charismatic or attractive. Time needs to be taken to establish chemistry and I think that is also where this book fails – the characters sleep together pretty much right away, so there’s no build up, no sexual tension allowed to play out teasingly and develop to a high level, as is the case in other erotic romances similar to this one. He talks up a big game about “setting her free” and seeing the real her and all of this other stuff but it doesn’t even seem believable. It’s very much a cliche.

The one thing that stirred my interest in this book was the ending, which I didn’t expect. I’m not sure if it’s enough to make me want to read the second novel (as this naturally, is a trilogy) but I would like to know what happens. Maybe I’ll just read some reviews.


Book #8 of 2013

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