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Wrapping Up…. The Australian Women Writers Challenge, 2012

on December 31, 2012

awwc20121This year I participated in the first Australian Women Writers Challenge. Although I always read quite a lot of Australian women authors, due to a lot of the books I like to read, I had no idea just how much I would throw myself into this challenge! At the beginning of the year I think I signed up to read and review about 12 books by Australian women authors. I was so amazed at the way in which this challenge was embraced and promoted by bloggers and tweeters and especially by Elizabeth Lhuede, who has worked tirelessly all year to promote this challenge and the many wonderful authors we have.

I thought I’d do a wrap up of the books I completed for this challenge and have a little look at the most prevalent genres I read this year. It might help me next year to work on areas that I didn’t really devote as much time to this year. So here we go!

  1. The Hypnotist’s Love Story, by Liane Moriarty
  2. Raw Blueby Kirsty Eagar
  3. Liar Birdby Lisa Walker
  4. The Girl In Steel-Capped Bootsby Loretta Hill
  5. Stella Makes Goodby Lisa Heidke
  6. Bella’s Runby Margareta Osborn (includes author interview)
  7. Saving Francesca, by Melina Marchetta (rated 10/10!)
  8. The Piper’s Sonby Melina Marchetta
  9. Free-Falling, by Nicola Moriarty (includes author interview)
  10. Under Southern Skiesby Anne McCullagh Rennie
  11. On The Jellicoe Roadby Melina Marchetta
  12. The Mistakeby Wendy James
  13. Wings Of Fearby Helene Young
  14. Shattered Skyby Helene Young
  15. Love And Romanpunkby Tansy Rayner Roberts
  16. Bitter Greensby Kate Forsyth
  17. The Lavender Keeperby Fiona McIntosh
  18. Night Beachby Kirsty Eagar
  19. Sweet Old World, by Deborah Robertson
  20. After The Darknessby Honey Brown
  21. The Road Homeby Fiona Palmer
  22. Lionessby Katherine Scholes
  23. Dead Heatby Bronwyn Parry
  24. The Mothers’ Group, by Fiona Higgins (rated 10/10)
  25. Heart Of The Valleyby Cathryn Hein
  26. Mary Bennetby Jennifer Paynter
  27. I’ll Tell You Mineby Pip Harry
  28. The Industryby Rose Foster
  29. The Brotherhoodby Y.A. Erskine
  30. Franticby Katherine Howell
  31. Disharmonyby Leah Giarratano
  32. Hot Island Nightsby Sarah Mayberry
  33. Her Best Worst Mistakeby Sarah Mayberry
  34. Morgan’s Lawby Karly Lane
  35. Showtimeby Narelle Harris
  36. My Hundred Lovers, by Susan Johnson (Discussion – Parts One, Two and Three)
  37. Divine Clementineby Hayley S. Kirk
  38. Jiltedby Rachael Johns
  39. Black Juiceby Margo Lanagan
  40. Burning Liesby Helene Young
  41. Brumby’s Run, by Jennifer Scoullar
  42. Red Queenby H.M Brown
  43. Obernewtynby Isobelle Carmody
  44. Waratah Houseby Ann Whitehead (halfway point of the year)
  45. Zoe’s Musterby Barbara Hannay
  46. The Boy Under The Tableby Nicole Trope
  47. The Farseekersby Isobelle Carmody
  48. All That I Amby Anna Funder
  49. Promisesby Cathryn Hein
  50. Within Reachby Sarah Mayberry
  51. Foal’s Breadby Gillian Mears
  52. Entitlement, by Jessica White
  53. A Duchess To Rememberby Christina Brooke
  54. The Engagementby Chloe Hooper
  55. Ashlingby Isobelle Carmody
  56. A Child’s Book Of True Crimeby Chloe Hooper
  57. The Wedding Seasonby Su Dharmapala
  58. Taming The Beastby Emily Maguire
  59. Mr Chen’s Emporiumby Deborah O’Brien (includes author interview)
  60. Finnikin Of The Rockby Melina Marchetta
  61. The Burialby Courtney Collins
  62. Darkness On The Edge Of Townby Jessie Cole
  63. The Keeping Placeby Isobelle Carmody
  64. Froi Of The Exilesby Melina Marchetta
  65. Quintana Of Charynby Melina Marchetta
  66. Lola Benskyby Lily Brett
  67. The Stone Keyby Isobelle Carmody
  68. The House Of Memoriesby Monica McInerney (Rated 10/10)
  69. Maralinga, by Judy Nunn
  70. Fishing For Tigersby Emily Maguire
  71. Sincerely: Women Of Letterscreated by Marieke Hardy and Michaela McGuire
  72. The Gospel According To Lukeby Emily Maguire
  73. No Sex In The Cityby Randa Abdel-Fattah
  74. Losing Itby Julia Lawrinson
  75. Sisters Of Mercyby Caroline Overington
  76. Friday Brownby Vikki Wakefield
  77. Chains Of Revengeby Keziah Hill
  78. Good Oilby Laura Buzo
  79. The Secret Keeperby Kate Morton
  80. Bella’s Impossible Bossby Michelle Douglas
  81. The Island Houseby Posie Graeme-Evans
  82. Holier Than Thouby Laura Buzo
  83. Queen Of The Roadby Tricia Stringer
  84. In Safe Handsby Lee Christine
  85. Scared Yet?by Jaye Ford
  86. Her Italian Aristocrat, by Louise Reynolds (includes author interview)
  87. The Danger Gameby Caitlyn Nicholas
  88. Stand-In Starby Rachael Johns
  89. Drawing Closer, by Jenny Schwartz
  90. A Bush Christmasby Margareta Osborn
  91. The One That Got Awayby Kelly Hunter
  92. The Girl In The Hard Hat, by Loretta Hill
  93. The Winter Wifeby Anna Campbell
  94. Rough Diamond, by Kathryn Ledson
  95. Seven Nights In A Rogue’s Bedby Anna Campbell
  96. Peter Pan, by Jessica Owers
  97. The Trouble With Lucy, by L.J Young
  98. A Convenient Bridegroomby Helen Bianchin
  99. North Star, by Karly Lane
  100. The Reluctant Marquess, by Maggi Andersen

Yay, 100 titles! When I started the challenge, I never could have imagined I’d read this many. I’ll be taking part in the challenge again next year but I’m going to look for a way to perhaps combine it with another challenge. This year my aim was just to read as many titles as I could from as wide a variety of genres that I could and I think I’ve succeeded pretty well in that. I read a lot of contemporary fiction and a lot of YA, so those titles are very strongly represented in my final tally so next year I’m interested in doing something to raise up the types of books I don’t really read that often. I’ll have to have a bit of a think (although I’ll have to figure something out quickly!)

For fun, here are my Top 10 Books by AusWomenWriters that were released in 2012!

  1. The Girl In Steel-Capped Boots, by Loretta Hill
  2. Free-Falling, by Nicola Moriarty
  3. The Mistake, by Wendy James
  4. Bitter Greens, by Kate Forsyth
  5. The Mothers’ Group, by Fiona Higgins
  6. Burning Lies, by Helene Young
  7. The House Of Memories, by Monica McInerney
  8. Quintana Of Charyn, by Melina Marchetta
  9. Friday Brown, by Vikki Wakefield
  10. Sisters of Mercy, by Caroline Overington

Honourable mentions (published in any year) go to: Raw Blue by Kirsty Eagar, everything else I read by Melina Marchetta, After The Darkness by Honey Brown, Dead Heat by Bronwyn Parry, The Heart of the Valley by Cathryn Hein, The Brotherhood by Y.A Erskine, My Hundred Lovers by Susan Johnson, The Boy Under The Table by Nicole Trope, Foal’s Bread by Gillian Mears, Jilted by Rachael Johns, everything I read by Emily Maguire, Good Oil and Holier Than Thou by Lisa Buzo, In Safe Hands by Lee Christine and Seven Nights In A Rogue’s Bed, by Anna Campbell.

That’s a lot of books but….I read a LOT of fabulous books in 2012 by Australian Women Writers!

Thanks to everyone that dropped by to read, like or comment on my reviews! Hope to see you all in 2013.


5 responses to “Wrapping Up…. The Australian Women Writers Challenge, 2012

  1. shelleyrae @ Book'd Out says:

    Congrats Bree – 100 books by AWW is a massive achievement!

  2. Danielle says:

    WOW! I just wrapped up my list, and my abysmal 27 is kicked in the butt by your 100 list!
    I applaud you and bow down before you 🙂

  3. Brilliant, Bree! I love lists like this, I’ll have to bookmark it so I can come back for recommendations.

  4. Congratulations Bree, what a huge achievement!

  5. Marg says:

    Well done Bree! That is an impressive list!

    I think I read 55 which I am pretty happy with!

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