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Seven Nights In A Rogue’s Bed – Anna Campbell

on December 28, 2012

Seven NightsSeven Nights In A Rogue’s Bed
Anna Campbell
Harper Collins
2012, eBook
Bought for my Kindle

Sidonie Forsyth has made the ultimate sacrifice for her sister, who has incurred gambling debts with one of the most notorious scoundrels. When faced with the choice of paying up in money or paying up in his bed, Rebecca went to Sidonie for help. She doesn’t have the money and if she went to the rake’s bed, her abusive husband would kill her. Sidonie never intends to marry so she agrees to go in her sister’s place and spend a night in the bed of Jonas Merrick at Castle Craven.

What Sidonie finds at Castle Craven is not what she expects – Jonas Merrick is scarred and not handsome but he leaves her alone. When she would leave in the morning, he negotiates that she stay for a week. He will spend the week trying to get her into bed and she will spend the week trying to stay out of it. There’s something about the arrogant but yet desperately vulnerable and insecure man that draws her. Even though she knows she carries a secret that could change Jonas’s life, she doesn’t dare voice it. Not yet.

Jonas is used to being a loner. He’s been denigrated as a bastard his entire life, tolerated because he’s extraordinarily rich but not respected. Despite the fact that he has made a sport of bedding many beautiful women, he never forgets the fact that he is scarred so hideously. Sidonie, innocent Sidonie, does not fear looking upon his scar and the seven days he’s going to spend attempting to seduce her into his bed could have a devastating impact on the heart that has been frozen against love and kindness for so long.

When I read Anna Campbell’s Christmas novella The Winter Wife recently, at the end it contained the first chapter of this book, which I devoured. I knew before I’d finished the first page that I had to read the entire thing and soon – so as soon as I had access to my Amazon account, I downloaded a copy to my computer and transferred it to my kindle. Have I mentioned that my parents don’t actually have proper internet? Yes, I’m holidaying in 1997.

The novel starts with Sidonie arriving at the derelict Craven Castle – Jonas Merrick is expecting her sister Rebecca. In order to forget the cruelty of her husband, Sidonie’s sister finds her fun on the gaming tables and she has run up a considerable debt to Jonas Merrick. Jonas has been tortured and wronged by Rebecca’s husband (his cousin) for as long as he can remember and he knows Rebecca can’t pony up to the debt cash-wise. Cuckolding his cousin would give him great satisfaction and pleasure. Unfortunately, Jonas isn’t in possession of all the facts and it’s Rebecca’s sister Sidonie who is shown into the dining room. He couldn’t be more surprised and he’s ready to dismiss her in favour of Rebecca but then he cannot help but be a little interested. Sidonie is somewhat trapped – she doesn’t want to be ruined, even though she has no plans to marry. But she does want to save her sister’s life.

It is a battle of determination and wits, in a way. Jonas wants Sidonie, who interests him more with each passing minute. Jonas also fascinates Sidonie. She isn’t repulsed by his devastating scars, like many women of society. She doesn’t ever plan to marry, because she’s seen the way women are property and she will be no one’s property and beholden to no one. But she does quickly develop a strong attraction to Jonas and with each passing day, it gets harder for her to withstand his seduction, especially the more she learns about him. The love that grows between them is fragile – Jonas is so incredibly flawed. He presents a façade of not caring about his bastardry and the taunting he has received because of it, not to mention the disinheriting. Likewise he seems to care little about the scars that blemish his face, until Sidonie picks up on the devastating vulnerability that drives him to put mirrors everywhere and blindfold all of his lovers in bed. Sidonie wants to show to Jonas, to prove to him, that she doesn’t care. That she loves him regardless, or even because of, the things he has faced in life. However all the while the secret she keeps hangs over them and you just know it’s going to come out at the worst time, when Jonas has finally placed his faith and trust in her! This leads him to question everything, given the already fragile self-confidence Sidonie had managed to weave together for him and Sidonie always knew that once the secret came out, Jonas would be unlikely to forgive her for keeping it.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book – the rest of it lived up to the high standard set in the first chapter. I do love a deeply flawed hero and Jonas was written so well – his vulnerabilities were beautifully done and it was impossible not to feel for him at many stages in the book. Likewise Sidonie was a well-constructed heroine, although her devotion to her sister did grate on me slightly towards the end of the book, especially the way in which her sister repaid her sometimes.

I am definitely delighted that Anna Campbell has a lovely decent-sized backlist for me to track down and enjoy now and I’m looking forward to the other Sons of Sin books once they are published.


Book #218 of 2012

7 responses to “Seven Nights In A Rogue’s Bed – Anna Campbell

  1. curlygeek04 says:

    I’ve been looking for some good romances lately — I don’t read many of them so I try to be choosy. This one sounds great and I think I’ve seen this author’s books on NetGalley (even better if it’s free!).

  2. Just read this book in one day….couldnt put it down, my family teased me

  3. Shaeshae says:

    I like the book And send more soon

  4. vanessa says:

    where can i read this book?

  5. faith Oteha okurwagbe says:


  6. faith Oteha okurwagbe says:

    l need some books to read online by Diana Palmer which are invincible and merciless

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