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Black Dawn – Rachel Caine

on December 9, 2012

Black DawnBlack Dawn
Rachel Caine
Razorbill (Penguin AU)
2012, 507p
Read from my local library

Please note this review will contain ***SPOILERS*** for the previous Morganville Vampires books

Morganville is in utter chaos. The draug have taken over and the threat is spreading due to the local water system. The decision has been made, mostly by Claire, Myrnin and Oliver, to stay and fight this threat, not flee like Amelie was originally planning to do. This decision has already had severe consequences for the Founder, who was bitten/attacked by the head draug and is now suffering the after effects of that, which are extremely severe. Oliver is doing his best to prolong the inevitable in hope that they can defeat the draug and somehow reverse the effects of what is happening to Amelie.

Few people know of the Founder’s weakened state and as Claire, Shane, Eve, Michael and Myrnin find ways in which to contain the draug and give them the time they need to figure out a plan to kill the master draug. The town has been almost completely evacuated but there are some that remain, both human and vampire and they are roped in to assist in any way that they can, especially when one of their group falls and is left behind to the draug – they must go back and get them. Anything else is unthinkable

But there is no known way to kill a Master draug – it cannot be done by a vampire. The future of Morganville is looking very bleak…

Black Dawn is book twelve in the Morganville Vampire series and picks up not long after the end of the previous book. The town has been evacuated and everyone left is camped up in the vampire Elders’ Council building. The water supply has been shut off to stop the draug getting in to the building and everyone is on edge. It’s been days since they had a shower or a bath and the claustrophobia is beginning to kick in. The draug are regrouping at the water treatment plant and they come up with a plan to trek out there and attempt to shut off all of the mains, thereby containing them hopefully until they can come up with a better plan to kill them. This plan almost works, except one of them is taken by the draug and the rest are forced to leave.

I really enjoyed this whole story line with the draug because it was interesting to see the vampires scared for once, to not have the answers and to be at first, thinking of fleeing and then trying to find ways in which they could come out on top in this battle. For most of the book they’re on the backfoot – the draug has already landed several blows and although they rescued both Oliver and Michael, they were forced to leave other vampires behind. Amelie was also bitten, or whatever it is that the master draug does and as such she is now undergoing a transformation. She clings to what is left of her ‘vampireness’, begging Oliver to end it for her and not let her fully become one of them. Oliver promises that he will, but his growing affection for Amelie (which really has been rather interesting to read) leads him to delay this and also prevent other people doing it as he seeks to find an answer which will rid Morganville of the draug and also restore Amelie back to her normal self. We also get the answer in this novel of why Claire is able to see the master draug when he is in human form and also distinguish him from his copies. It’s a bit vague, some of it I think is wrapped up in the fact that Claire is simply possessed of some unique abilities besides her outrageous intelligence.

I’m nearly up to date with this series now, only the most recent one left and although there have been maybe one or two which were not quite up to standard with the rest of them, for the most part this has been a very enjoyable series and I’ve loved being able to read them straight through, especially stories that played out through several books, often leaving behind cliffhangers. I’m getting into this series just as it’s winding down and I think I’m going to miss it! I’ll have only been reading it for maybe a year when the last one comes out, maybe I should’ve spaced them out a bit, but they were there and I was hooked!

Black Dawn is another faultlessly paced installment, full of plans, action and fun characters. I have really come to appreciate the way Caine takes time with her minor characters, to flesh them out and give them their own characters and side-plots, such as the changing, evolving relationship between Oliver and Amelie. I only wish the Revivalist series was going to be as long as this one!


Book #260 of 2012

Also – I totally know who Oliver is now!

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  1. crowe says:

    hey where can i read black dawn online

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