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Ghost Town – Rachel Caine

on December 1, 2012

Ghost Town
Rachel Caine
Razorbill (Penguin AU)
2010, 432p
Read from my local library

Please note that this review will contain ***SPOILERS*** for previous novels in the Morganville Vampires series.

The destruction of Ada, the vampire/steampunk computer that controlled the security system in Morganville has left the barriers wide open and Amelie has taken the opportunity to use leverage in order to force Claire to devote time to fixing it. Claire and Myrnin work for days straight without break attempting to build a new computer that will do the job that Ada did, controlling the portals, keeping the barriers in place that prevent people from leaving and also wiping the memories of those who do get to leave Morganville.

At first it seems like everything is fine but then Michael wakes up one morning and wanders into Claire’s room at the Glass House, believing that it is 3 years ago and his parents still live there. It only lasts a few seconds before he snaps out of it but Claire’s radar for trouble goes up immediately and without fail, it turns out to be right. Before long, the long-term residents of Morganville begin to slowly lose their memories, one by one. They are transported back three years but for some reason, perhaps because she is only a recent arrival, this does not affect Claire. She watches as Michael and Eve, forget who she is and also, fundamentally for Michael, what he is. When it begins affecting powerful vampires who cannot control their urges, Claire knows she has to fix the machine immediately but firstly she has to bypass crazy Myrnin, who firstly won’t listen to her and is then victim to the memory loss himself.

But it can get worse….much worse when the Founder herself no longer remembers Claire and the status she holds. Claire finds herself turning for help in surprising places in order to get Morganville back to normal. Well, as much normal as it can possibly be for a place controlled by vampires.

Now this is more like it – after the slight disappointment that was the last volume in this series, I’m glad to see that this installment brings it back to its absolute best. I enjoyed this book from start to finish, so much going on – Amelie doing her best sinister Founder, forcing Claire to work without break to fix the computer, lest something terrible happen to her friends and family, Myrnin and his attempts to take care of Claire especially towards the end when she’s utterly exhausted and then the slow realisation that something is rotten (even more than usual!) in the town of Morganville. Interesting to see that the sickness didn’t affect Oliver (who wasn’t in Morganville 3 years ago) or Claire (ditto) but did affect people like Chief Moses, who wasn’t in Morganville 3 years ago but was originally from the town. There’s also a lot of stuff in this book between Amelie and Oliver, one thing that confirmed a suspicion I’ve had for a couple of books now and a few showdowns that were quite entertaining. Amelie and Oliver in the same room are quickly becoming one of my favourite things from this series, I’m really enjoying their evolving working relationship and the way in which they do things.

Ghost Town felt like a more complete story than the two previous novels and I appreciated a return to what was a more appealing length for me in a book. Even though his book is well spaced typeset wise, it didn’t feel short or abrupt like the previous novel and I feel like Caine really took the time to establish the story and play it out with perfect pacing. I know she writes an awful lot of books in awfully quick time and mostly, the books I’ve read from her don’t really give me that impression, until the two previous Morganville books.

I’m now well into the home stretch with this series, I have another 3 checked out from the library and I’ve borrowed the most current installment  from a friend of mine and I’m hoping to get all 4 of them read before my family and I depart for a 3 week holiday to the town where I grew up. I will only be taking 1 book and my kindle away on holiday but to be honest, I’m not really expecting that I’ll have too much time for reading. This is my first Christmas with my side of the family for 6 years and the first time my family have had Christmas with my children. It’s also the first time the 4 of us have been away together on holiday as a family and I have plenty of other things planned to do while we are there. These books are so addictive and easy to rip through that I don’t see finishing them up quickly to be a problem at all.


Book #252 of 2012

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