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Rock Me – Cherrie Lynn

on November 18, 2012

Rock Me
Cherrie Lynn
Samhaim Publishing Ltd
2010, eBook
Bought for my Kindle

Candace is the daughter of wealthy controlling parents. She lives in a house they pay for and adheres to most of their strict rules, however she’s tired of her mother inviting her to dinner in order to set her up with one apparently wealthy eligible bachelor after another. On her birthday, she decides to do something that she wants to do, something to please herself. She doesn’t care that her parents will freak out about it, she wants to do it. She’s going to get a tattoo.

So she walks into the tattoo parlour of her cousin’s ex-boyfriend. Candace only wants Brian to do her tattoo and seeing him again stirs up all the old feelings she experienced when he was dating her cousin. Brian is tattooed, pierced and although he’s from what her mother would term a “good” family, he’s the black sheep. Bunking off school, drinking, few petty crimes and some time packed off abroad to Italian relatives are all in his past. Now he owns his own tattoo parlour and his desire to see it succeed drives him.

Brian is surprised when Candace is the girl looking to get tatted up – he hasn’t seen her in months since he was going out with her cousin. Even though he’s on his way out to a family function he agrees to tattoo Candace her choice and talks her through her resulting fear as he preps his equipment. To Candace’s surprise, the pain is nothing and she enjoys the process a little too much. Being near Brian has an affect on her.

Despite the fact that Candace knows her family would never accept her with a man like Brian, he is the one that she wants and she’s amazed when it seems like he wants her too. But it’s not going to be easy for them, even though the passion and chemistry levels are so high and both of them are lost without the other, Candace doesn’t know if she can let go of everything else in her life, just to be with Brian.

Rock Me is the 2nd in the Ross Siblings books but I didn’t realised that until I finished it and added it to my Goodreads. The first book is about Brian’s older brother Evan and although he appears in this book, I don’t think it’s at all necessary to have read Evan’s book first. I actually only bought this book as someone recommended the third book to me, which is called Leave Me Breathless. The characters from Leave Me Breathless originally meet in this novel so I thought I’d read this for the background story and then go on to the next one.

Candace is a good girl who has always done the right thing. She’s the daughter of wealthy, snobbish parents and her mother is particularly obnoxious, having decided that because Candace is almost finished her degree, it’s time to hook her up with a suitably credentialed male despite the fact that Candace doesn’t like most of the suggestions and that usually, they’re not the sort of man that her mother thinks they are – or it doesn’t matter because they are rich and carry a certain last name. She’s always had a thing for her cousin’s ex-boyfriend Brian but he is definitely not the right sort of man for a girl like her, according to her mother. Bryan is the black sheep of his well-to-do family – his brother is a lawyer, his sister a doctor. He’s inked all over, pierced (he even has an apadravya – look it up ladies!) and a bit of a past. Now he’s straightened out but owning his own tattoo parlour wouldn’t rate up there with Ideal Careers For A Prospective Son-In-Law according to Candace’s parents

Well I like a tattooed and pierced badboy as much as the next girl (even if this one was named Brian of all things) and I really enjoyed the chemistry between him and Candace. Candace is inexperienced but Brian is the guy she wants to take her virginity although he takes some convincing that he’s deserving of such a prize. Brian has not low self-esteem exactly, but sometimes it’s like he seems to think about himself what people like Candace’s mother will think about him. And even though the two of them are fast falling in love with each other, he is still cautious that he might hurt her in the long run, especially when it seems likely that choosing to be with him will end to her family disowning her.

I loved this story except for one part and that was the way in which Candace ran from Brian when her family found out about them. First she made the choice to go to him and then she left him because he made her feel like there was nothing left of herself. It just went against pretty much everything that Candace had said previously in the book. For so long she agonised over Brian’s feelings and if he could love her and it just seemed like she didn’t give it a chance before turning tail and running. I did like how the way in which Lynn handled the fact that Brian was Candace’s cousin’s ex-boyfriend and the respect they paid to her. That was quite well done.

And also – are KoRn still a thing?  Brian drives 8hrs to see them and talks about how Freak On A Leash is his favourite song ever. It’s like this book is set in 1999.

7/10 (would’ve been an 8 except for Candace’s bizarre behaviour at the end)

Book #239 of 2012

Leave Me Breathless  is the story of Candace’s friend Macy and Ghost, a tattooist who works for Brian. Should be interesting!

3 responses to “Rock Me – Cherrie Lynn

  1. Willa says:

    Great review!! Especially you’re point about koRn – that had me laughing!

  2. Marg says:

    I have been hearing a lot about these books recently so last night I bought the first book!

    If you liked tattooed bad buys you might like to read the Brown siblings books by Lauren Dane.. The first one is a threesome (not sure how you feel about that) but the others are more traditional but very hot romance.

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