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Wrong Bed, Right Guy – Katee Robert

on November 16, 2012

Wrong Bed, Right Guy
Katee Robert
Entangled Publishing, LLC
2012, eBook
Purchased for my Kindle

Ella knows she has bad taste in men. The last time she allowed herself to get involved, to fall in love with someone, her heart was broken. Now, some years later, if she wants to avoid the fate of ending up with one of the men her mother has picked out for her, she’s going to have to do something drastic.

So she decides that she might as well go all out and makes a plan to seduce her boss, Nathan. She’s been hinting at her interest for months but she’s not very good at these things and Nathan has remained stubbornly clueless. So she decides to buy some sexy lingerie and climb into his bed in the middle of the night and let things take a natural course.

There’s only one problem – the man in the bed isn’t Nathan.

Gabe Schultz is crashing at his brother’s place when a seemingly erotic dream becomes reality and he realises that there really is a beautiful blonde in the bed with him. He’s having the best almost-sex of his life until she screams and runs out and Gabe realises that she thought he was his brother. Intrigued, and assured of Nathan’s lack of interest, he decides to get to know her better, even though it seems that in the light of day, him and his lifestyle don’t measure up to what Ella wants.

Ella has been hurt by a bad boy before and even though Gabe is deliciously attractive and his tattoos draw her like a moth to a flame, they’re very different and she doesn’t know if she can trust him…. Will she take a chance and risk having her heart broken yet again?

I’m not sure where I saw this book now, it might have been someone on my Goodreads friends list but it sounded fun and it was only a couple of dollars from Amazon so I thought I’d try it and it certainly started out promising. It opens straight away with Ella sneaking up the stairs to climb into Nathan’s bed and attempt to seduce him and it’s obvious that she really has absolutely no idea what she’s doing. However she finds a warm, receptive male and thinks that things are obviously going well until something clicks that the man in bed with her, whom she is doing her best to seduce, isn’t Nathan but a stranger. And even worse, she realises that the stranger is Nathan’s brother and she’s not going to be able to avoid seeing him.

Although Ella and Gabe do have a bit of chemistry, I really struggled once we got past the initial seduction scene. Ella is so shockingly uptight and judgemental that when Gabe takes her to a bar for burgers, all she can do is run this annoying inner monologue about how she’ll probably catch a disease just from being in the place. And this is a theme that continues throughout the book to some degree, it seemed like there was a lot of “you’re taking me here?” and “we’re doing this?” and “you own a nightclub?”. It made it seriously hard to like Ella and wonder at all what Gabe saw in her apart from the fact that she was blonde and he found her hot. I don’t really think that the rest of the book lived up the very promising opening. I would’ve liked to see Ella let go and really explore her sexuality with Gabe, which she hadn’t had cause to do before in her life it seemed. There was obviously an attraction but I feel like most of the intimate scenes were really a let down and also a bit repetitive. The only that came close to being interesting was one that occurred in Gabe’s nightclub, late in the book.

I also had a few problems with the conflict that sent Ella running in that it wasn’t really a conflict. I understand that there was probably a desire not to have Gabe looking to be doing anything too suspicious and Ella had a history of having her heart broken by guys that cheated on her but the way in which she reacted was over the top and pretty childish. I wanted to see more communication between them, more getting to know each other. This is only quite a short story but I think that it could’ve been tighter and the timing better used. I quite liked the character of Gabe, I found him far more interesting than Ella, who spent way too much time bothering about what her mother thought and being hung up on something that happened five or six years ago when she was nineteen. Who didn’t date a total dick when they were a teenager? It’s like a rite of passage, let it go already.

This could have been brilliant but unfortunately for me, it took a direction that just didn’t work.


Book #236 of 2012


2 responses to “Wrong Bed, Right Guy – Katee Robert

  1. The premise for this one sounds really good, but sounds like the weak conflict let it down a bit. Great review Bree

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