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The Tombs – Clive Cussler

on October 4, 2012

The Tombs
Clive Cussler & Thomas Perry
Penguin AU
2012, 374p
Copy courtesy of the publisher

Sam and Remi Fargo are amateur treasure hunters. Whilst diving in the Gulf Of Mexico, they get a phone call from an archaeologist friend of theirs in Berlin who requests their immediate help with an exciting new discovery.

The archaeologist, Albrecht Fisher has discovered a burial site in modern day Hungary that he believes dates back to the time of Attila the Hun. It’s an amazing find and one that becomes more so when they realise it could lead to the location of the tomb of Attila which has never been discovered. Sam and Remi are thrown into their most daring quest to date when Fisher is kidnapped by a Hungarian pharmaceuticals boss who will stop at nothing to be the first to make the important discovery and keep all of the rumoured treasures to himself.

Sam and Remi aren’t going to lose a member of their team and from staging a rescue they make the dig in Hungary as public as possible to prevent further nefarious doings. From there they follow the clues through Hungary to Italy, France, Russia and Kazakhstan to the five hidden tombs containing the treasure of Attila the Hun, people dogging their every step. They are not the only ones who are piecing together all of the clues and with every leg it’s a race to see who will get to the tomb first and get the clue for the next one in order to find the final resting place of Attila.

The Tombs is the fourth novel in the Fargo Adventures series but it’s the first one I’ve read… I normally like to read series in order but I’m finding that I just don’t have time anymore to go back and track down previous books and get them read before I read the newest one, if I’m sent it for review. So I dived into this one hoping the fact that it was the first I’d read didn’t detract from my reading experience. The fact that it’s the first of this series that Cussler has written with Thomas Perry interested me. The three previous novels in this series have been a collaboration with Grant Blackwood.

I’m pleased to say that it wasn’t hard to jump straight into this story even with no prior knowledge. I was worried that I’d missed character development but it seems Sam and Remi have been married since the first book. Sam is an engineer who developed some amazing machine and sank all his savings into a business to manufacture it. Eventually he sold the business and the patent for the machine for a lot of money and now travels the globe with his wife working as a kind of amateur treasure hunter, finding archaeological wonders and turning them over to the relevant authorities for cataloguing and legitimate sale or display in museums. It’s natural then, that Sam and Remi are the first port of call for German archaeologist Albrecht Fisher after he makes his amazing discovery of the remains of a warrior from the year of 450 A.D.

Sam and Remi are pretty possessed of mad skills and at times it does make it a little hard to really sink into the story when they’re so awesome. It’s a little bit like reading a Shane “Scarecrow” Schofield novel if Scarecrow were a private operative, rather than a US Marine. It seems that there’s no one Sam and Remi cannot out- maneuver – not Hungarian pharmaceutical lords with millions of dollars of men and ammunition at his fingertips, not French drug dealers or Russian crimelords. I know that obviously they’re the good guys and they’re going to get the better of the ‘baddies’ but sometimes it really stretch beyond my attempts at letting go and just enjoying the story. I would’ve liked them to face a little more adversity and competition, everything that was thrown at them they dealt with and dispatched the threat incredibly quickly.

Despite that, I did really end up enjoying this book. I found the mystery in itself quite interesting and the idea of the tombs and the treasure hunt was a really fun one. Despite their all round amazingness I did find both Sam and Remi likable and their relationship is rather lovely and their research team is amazing. To be honest, that sounds like my dream job, being able to spend my days researching rare artifacts, booking flights and hotels and cars for people at a moment’s notice! I’ve put the previous 3 novels from this series on my TBR list because I think they’d be just as fun as this one and I’d like to find out what other adventures the Fargos have had prior to this one.

This book does require quite a suspension of disbelief and a willingness to let the little things (and sometimes, the big things!) go but if you can do that and just settle into the story and immerse yourself in that, then it’s a great read. Something that would be fabulous as a holiday beach read because it never gets boring and it would be a great way to pass an afternoon.


Book #195 of 2012

2 responses to “The Tombs – Clive Cussler

  1. My family is Hungarian combine that with my mother being a crazy huge fan of Clive and I just know that this book will get purchased asap

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