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September Reading Wrap Up

on October 1, 2012

Total Books Read: 25
Fiction: 23.5
Non-Fiction: 1.5
Library Books: 2
Books On My TBR List: 8
Books in a Series: 14
Authors I’d Never Read Before: 16
Male/Female Authors: 5/20
Kindle Books: 3
Books I Owned or Bought: 7
Favourite Book(s): The Lumatere Chronicles, by Melina Marchetta, January First, by Michael Schofield, The Angel, by Tiffany Reisz and The Mystery Of Mercy Close, by Marian Keyes.
Least Favourite Book(s): Not a bad month this one, but maybe Run The Risk, by Lori Foster.
Books That Qualify For Challenges: 12

September was an even busier month than August – I had lots of books arrive with September release dates and I also bought a lot of books at the beginning of the month while I was at the Melbourne Writers Fest that I wanted to read. It was a very good month for reading books by Australian Women authors – I completed 10 books for that challenge in September which takes me to  65 titles all up for the year!

September was also the month in which I finally read Melina Marchetta’s YA fantasy series, The Lumatere Chronicles. To my surprise I received the third one for review, so I trotted out and bought the previous 2 and prepared to read them all within a short time frame and I’m glad that I ended up doing this! Each book got better and to have had to wait before I could read the next volume would’ve been torture. This series really just cemented in my mind that Marchetta can do no wrong, no matter what she turns her hands to. I’ve already posted my review for the first novel in the series, Finnikin of the Rock and coming up on the blog this week will be reviews for 2&3, Froi of the Exiles and Quintana of Charyn.

October looks to be a quieter month so far, less books with October release dates and hopefully the chance to read a few of my recently purchased books! I’m looking to catch up on my participation for The Classics Club, so I’m designating  night time reading before bed classic time and I started The Painted Veil by William Somerset Maugham last night. It’s not a long book, so I don’t think it’ll take me too long to finish it and I’ll start compiling a list of books to have by my bedside table for bedtime reading. Any suggestions? My list of books to get through for the Classics Club is here.

I don’t often post non-book-related things on here but on the weekend, the Sydney Swans my football team in the AFL (Australian Football League) won the grand final. It’s the first time since I began following them that they have won a grand final – I didn’t really become interested in the sport until 2006, which was the year after they won their first premiership in 72 years. That wasn’t why I became interested, in fact I barely even knew they’d won it the year before. In 2006 however, I did start following the sport and the end of the year resulted in a heart-breaking 1pt loss in the grand final to the team they’d beat by 4 points in 2005.

I may live in Melbourne but I was born in Sydney and lived in New South Wales for the first 24 years of my life. When I moved to Victoria in 2006 and was told to choose a team for the sport that is so important here, there was only one choice – the only NSW team in the league was the Sydney Swans. So that was who I chose. And I’ve become a passionate fan over the past 7 years, watching nearly every game. I’ve only been able to see them live twice (both times in Sydney, actually). They don’t play a lot of games in Melbourne and my kids aren’t at an age where I can take them yet although they will be soon.  So well done my beloved Sydney Swans on a big win!

3 responses to “September Reading Wrap Up

  1. Wow I envy your speed reading I have slowed down a lot I wish I could improve again at least to where I used to be

  2. Marg says:

    I am just about at the stage where my boy won’t want to go with me to the footy anymore. ;-(

  3. 25 books in a month! You’ve done well Bree 🙂

    Yes, i’m hoping to dust off a couple of books from my TBR pile this month with less review copies to get through.

    Even though i don’t follow AFL, it’s good to see you are loyal to the Swannies!

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