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The Unfinished Journals Of Elizabeth D Read-A-Long: Official Schedule

on August 7, 2012

Hello participants! I apologise for being a bit slow getting the schedule for the read-a-long posted but Australia Post decided to send my copy on a vacation before finally depositing it on my doorstep. I’ve had a bit of a look and it seems relatively easy to break down into 3 parts, just like we did for My Hundred Lovers, for those of you who participated along with that one.

Week 1: pages 1-136 Discussion post 1 will go up on Wednesday 15th August

Week 2: pages 137-272. Discussion post 2 will go up on Wednesday 22nd August

Week 3: pages 273-405. Discussion post 3 will go up on Wednesday 29th August.

Although it’s encouraged to keep pace and come and comment on the discussion posts the week they go up, I know that life gets in the way for people and therefore if you find yourself falling behind, don’t worry! The posts aren’t going anywhere and when you’re caught up feel free to drop by and add in your thoughts. Just be aware that each discussion post and the comments will contain ***SPOILERS*** for the relevant section so don’t visit until you’re all caught up!

Hopefully everyone has their books now and I was lucky lucky last and you’re all ready to begin reading section 1. Looking forward to getting stuck into the book and hopefully having some amazing discussions!

Happy reading everyone, see you back here next week!


23 responses to “The Unfinished Journals Of Elizabeth D Read-A-Long: Official Schedule

  1. Can not wait to join you! I am hoping my book will be delivered when I get home

  2. Looking forward to it too – no book today, hopefully tomorrow.

  3. Tien says:

    oh, so effectively, we’re starting reading now (for those of us who got the book already?)
    I thought we’re starting to read on 15 Aug, ha ha ha… now where did that come from?
    All right, I look forward to next week’s post! 😀

    • When you start is up to you, depending on how fast a reader you are. If you have the book already (some people don’t yet) and want to begin, go ahead! If you’re a faster reader and feel as though you might want to leave it until the weekend or later, that’s fine. The first post will go up on Aug 15th but there’ll be some people who won’t have finished part 1 by then and they can come in at any time later and add their thoughts.

  4. Tracey (My4Bucks) says:

    Hi Bree, I thought Kelly in her 1st email said we’d begin the read-along on the 15th August. I took that to mean start reading on the 15th. Looking at your schedule, am I wrong?

    • Hi Tracey, as it was an August release I assumed they’d want the read-a-long conducted within that month so a 15th start leads us into a 29th finish. For me, it starts when we get the book and the first date mentioned is the first discussion post… but I could be totally wrong!

  5. ScarlettHeartt says:

    Got mine the other day and am looking forward to the discussion!

  6. My copy must have arrived very quickly- i asked for a copy on Friday and it arrived on Monday!
    So do we do any posts on our own blogs? Or do we just read along and then everyone discusses it on your post?? (sorry if you’ve already explained this!)

    • Jayne, it’s up to you! You can choose to participate in the discussion posts I’ll put up here on the blog in the comments, or you can write up a post addressing the issues I’ve raised/any others you want to talk about and link it up here etc. You can review the book in the way that you normally would at the end of the discussion too…basically what ever level of participation you want 🙂

  7. No book for me as yet – hopeful for tomorrow, then I have the weekend to read. Really looking forward to this!

  8. Received my copy today, Looking forward to it!

  9. I received my copy yesterday and hope to start reading tonight – I have another book about 10 pages off finishing, so the probability is good! This looks like a great read.

  10. Hi all 🙂 Looking forward to being involved in a new read-along, and this book looks intriguing!
    Thanks for hosting again Bree!

  11. Megan Warren says:

    Hi Bree – got my book on Thursday and I’m really enjoying it. Thanks for hosting again – I look forward to the discussion.

  12. […] The read-a-long is once again being hosted by the lovely Bree of All The Books I Can Read and you can find out more about how we’re reading the novel here. […]

  13. Cramming… says:

    […] The read-a-long is once again being hosted by the lovely Bree of All The Books I Can Read and you can find out more about how we’re reading the novel here. […]

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