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Read-A-Long Call Out – The Unfinished Journals of Elizabeth D, by Nichole Bernier

on July 29, 2012

After hosting a read-a-long of My Hundred Lovers, by Susan Johnson in June, the people at Allen & Unwin have kindly asked me to host another during the month of August. We’ll be beginning around the 15th and our chosen book is The Unfinished Journals of Elizabeth D, by Nichole Bernier. Here’s the summary (from the Allen & Unwin website):

Summer vacation with her family was supposed to be a restorative time for Kate, who’d lost her close friend Elizabeth in a plane crash. But when she inherits a trunk of Elizabeth’s journals, they reveal a woman far different than the cheerful wife and mother Kate thought she knew.
The complicated portrait of Elizabeth – her upbringing, her marriage, and journey to motherhood – makes Kate question not just their friendship, but her own deepest beliefs about loyalty and honesty at a moment of uncertainty in her own marriage. When an unfamiliar man’s name appears in Elizabeth’s pages, Kate realises the extent of what she didn’t know about her best friend, including where she was really going when she died.
Written with grace, depth, and honesty, this is a story of two women – their friendship, their marriages, private ambitions and fears. And what they chose to keep hidden.

As someone who admits to being a little bit of a voyeur, I think the idea of being able to take a peek at someone’s private diaries and thoughts is fascinating – and sure to provide plenty of great fodder for discussion in a read-a-long style format.

If you think this is something you’d like to be a part of, then please leave a comment or email me at 1girl2manybooks {@} gmail {.} com – because of the tight timing and publisher sponsor, this is open to Australian residents only. You don’t have to have participated in the previous read-a-long but you do have to be keen to read the book to the schedule (which I will post as soon as I have received my copy of the book) and also to pop by and share your thoughts! After all a read-a-long is more fun the more people that are involved and want to speak up.

I’m looking forward to doing this again so if you’re interested – get in contact!


18 responses to “Read-A-Long Call Out – The Unfinished Journals of Elizabeth D, by Nichole Bernier

  1. VeganYANerds says:

    I’d love to sign up for this but I don’t think I’d have the time, I am surrounded by review books right now. However I am now so intrigued about the journals and what was really going on – I can’t wait to read your read-a-long posts!

    • Oh that’s a shame Mands, I’d have loved to have you along! I have a bazillion books waiting for me when I get home from my holiday but I do love the read-a-longs! There’s some books that are just made for the discussion and it’s always interesting to get the diff opinions.

  2. Thank you for choosing my book for your read-a-long! What an interesting idea. Hope you enjoy!

  3. shelleyrae @ Book'd Out says:

    I have this on my review pile already so count me in!

  4. Tracey (My4Bucks) says:

    Hi Bree, I’ll be joining you again for the read-along and looking forward to it 🙂

  5. Tracey (My4Bucks) says:

    Just published a post about the read-along on my blog:

  6. […] Read-A-Long Call Out – The Unfinished Journals of Elizabeth D, by Nichole Bernier […]

  7. I would love to be a part of the read-a-long! Does the book come in ebook/ibook/kindle format or do we use the actual book?

    • Hi Rachel, the book is sent in print form via the publisher. You need to email either myself or the publisher your postal address (must be AU) and your blog details. Thanks! You can email me at 1girl2manybooks {@} gmail {.} com

  8. What a great idea. I’d love to join in, but also have several deadlines for other things that I can’t put off. I’m hoping to get hold of your book in the near future to have a read anyway. Good luck with it all. 😉

  9. Emma Tingay says:

    Sounds like an interesting read. I’m in.

  10. Penny says:

    Hiya, I’m in for this and just received my copy in the mail today – yay! I’m Penny aka TheNakedScribe. I was supposed to be on for My One Hundred Lovers, but uni and children disasters totally messed that up – this time I will NOT be thwarted in participation! Looking forward to chatting with you all about the book.

  11. Symonne says:

    Would love to get involved, if I’m not too late!

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