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ReVamped – Ada Adams

on July 12, 2012

Ada Adams
2012, 291p
Copy provided by the author for the ReVamped Relay

Dawn has always lived a sheltered life. Her father is the President of the vampires in a world where vampires have ‘come out of the coffin’ and are present and accepted in mainstream society. However not all vampires follow the mainstream way and Dawn receives her first mission outside the ‘Scarlet House’ to travel to a small town and revamp 4 unlikely vampires to be the guardians of the town, keeping them safe from rebel vampire groups.

Dawn is desperate to prove herself and gain some approval from her distant father. She’s trained her whole life for this moment and she’s sure she can whip these four vampires into shape and create a strong guardianship for the town. However when she actually arrives in Angel Creek, she realises that she may have bitten off a bit more than she can chew: for starters, the four vampires are not the trained athletes she’s used to and they’re belligerent at best at the new roles that have been thrust upon them.

Things are further complicated when one of the human residents of the town is kidnapped by a group of rogue vampires. There’s a lot more going on here than she first realised and it all traces back to two men that have come into her life since she arrived: the human Ethan and the vampire Sebastian. Dawn is going to need both their help to rescue the human and deal with the ghosts from her past.

Earlier this year the author of ReVamped sent out four copies of her self-published book to four corners of the world where they were received by ‘team leaders’ who put together a sort of mini-blog tour in each location to spread the word about the book. I was asked by the Australian team leader if I wanted to take part so I signed up. I thought it was a fun way for an author to get their name out there. When I received the copy I was impressed with the look – the cover is stunning and matches the description of our main character Dawn perfectly. We also received some signed bookmarks and bookplates to keep.

In the world Adams has created, vampires are out loud and proud in society and have been an accepted part for some time now. Dawn’s father is the American vampire president in a role that basically mirrors the human president. Dawn is a Born vampire, not a made one and her father is fiercely protective of her but also quite distant from her emotionally. When he finally agrees to send Dawn on her first mission outside of training little vamps within the walls of their ‘Scarlet House’, she is beyond thrilled. Dawn’s hopes are slightly dashed when she realises the merry band of misfits she has to train to be protectors are a motley bunch and probably going to be difficult but her head is also filled with thoughts of Ethan, who works behind the bar in the local diner and the mysterious Sebastian, a vampire but one who wants absolutely no part of being part of the team to guard the town.

ReVamped isn’t an overly long read but it’s an enjoyable story that introduces us to the character of Dawn and establishes her for the reader before her past comes up to shock her. I really came to enjoy the team of 4 she was training – they all seemed a bit of a chore in the beginning but I think by the end they were blending together really well but without losing the four distinctly unique and different personalities that they had. There were a few things I didn’t expect and although I questioned the science of one particular aspect of the story I was willing to let it go in the name of just enjoying.


Book #131 of 2012

The second book in the Angel Creek series is entitled ReAwakened and will be out later this year. I definitely think I’ll be reading it to see how the story continues.

One response to “ReVamped – Ada Adams

  1. VeganYANerds says:

    I totally agree about the cover, it is beautiful and it draws me into this book, which I’d otherwise resist as yet another vamp book. Dawn sounds like a good MC too

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