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Top 10 Tuesday 10th July

on July 10, 2012

After a couple of weeks break it’s time for another Top 10 Tuesday, a weekly bookish meme hosted by The Broke & the Bookish! This week is a freebie week and given we’re just over halfway through the year now I’ve decided to do:

Top 10 Books of 2012….So Far!

  1. Pure, by Julianna Baggott. I read this right back in January and I was impressed with some of the creepy stories jam packed into this novel. There was something about the fusions that struck me as beautiful in a really hideous way and this one was fresh and exciting for me. Keen for book 2!
  2. The Girl In Steel-Capped Boots, by Loretta Hill. One of my favourite rural-lit books (and I’ve read a lot this year!). This one deals with a young engineering graduate sent up to the Pilbara in north-west Western Australia to oversee a project that will make it easier to send iron-ore to the container ships for export. She’s one of just 4 women and several hundred men on the project and her unique way of dealing with sexism and prejudice and her simmering chemistry with the head of the client company made for a hilarious and fabulous read.
  3. The Fault In Our Stars, by John Green. My first John Green book. I read this one in a sort of joint reading with Marg and we reviewed it together. I enjoyed everything about this book: the difficult topic, the sweet romance, the fact that he wasn’t afraid to take the hard ending. Will be reading more Green in the future, I am sure of it.
  4. The Mistake, by Wendy James. This is an Australian release dealing with a typical family who are suddenly rocked when the illegal adoption the woman arranged 20 years earlier is raised by a curious midwife. There’s no record of what happened to the baby and no amount of press has made the adoptive parents come forward. This one borrows quite heavily from real-life cases such as Keli Lane and Lindy Chamberlain and it was riveting stuff!
  5. The Statistical Probability Of Love At First Sight, by Jennifer E. Smith. One of the sweetest contemporary romances I’ve read and definitely my favourite this year. It’s a short book and takes place over a very short amount of time but it’s cute and well written.
  6. Painter Of Silence, by Georgina Harding. Read in my attempt to read the Orange Prize 2012 shortlist, this one is a beautiful book, about a deaf, mute man and his search for someone important from his childhood so that he can tell her something that she needs to know. He mostly communicates through intricately detailed drawings and the imagery this book manages to invoke is just awesome. I haven’t read the winner yet but I’d have been happy if this one had of secured the prize.
  7. Me Before You, by Jojo Moyes. Oh this book! Young girl who has lost her job scores another as a companion to a man who is a quadriplegic after an accident. Will is bitter and rude and Lou is bright and sunny. She almost gives up several times but slowly they develop an understanding of each other that deepens into love. Lou is heartbroken when she discovers Will’s plan and she does her best to change his mind… READ THIS BOOK! That’s all I can say.
  8. Canada, by Richard Ford. Such a story! I’m going to see Richard Ford talk on Thursday and I can’t wait. If he can have me riveted by his written word, I’m so looking forward to hearing him tell a story in person.
  9. I’ve Got Your Number, by Sophie Kinsella. This book was such a laugh… perfect for those times when you know exactly what you want. I enjoy Kinsella for being able to give me that and I really loved the hero and heroine in this one. Such a clever way of unfolding a relationship.
  10. The Age Of Miracles, by Karen Thompson Walker. I just finished this one recently and absolutely loved it. It’s a quiet, thoughtful apocalyptic story detailing the effects on a small group of people. There’s no rioting, no wars, no saving the world and I liked that. Those stories have a time and a place, but let’s face it – not everyone is Katniss Everdeen. Sometimes people just live their lives the best way they can through something difficult and that is what I enjoyed about this book.

I think 2012 has been such a fun reading year so far! I had no trouble picking 10 books (could’ve had a lot more I think). So looking forward to the rest of 2012 now!

15 responses to “Top 10 Tuesday 10th July

  1. Nice list! I haven’t read any of them, but I’ve been thinking about checking out some of them, so I’m glad to see you liked them! I’ll definitely be taking a look at them soon.

  2. Mish says:

    As you know I’m a new follower to your blog. It’s wonderful to see so many books here that I have on my TBR list. I see that ‘Me Before You’ is a must read so I’ll definitely get to that book pronto 🙂

  3. Tabitha says:

    Great list! I still need to read The Fault in Our Stars and The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight. They both look great and hearing that they’re on your top ten of 2012 makes me want to read them even more.

  4. Sharon says:

    We have the same topic 😉 great minds think alike..

    The only book I have read on your list is TSPoLaFS but have a majority of the others on my TBR pile.

    My TTT –

  5. Paula says:

    Some great books there . OMG I loved The Girl in the Steel Capped Boots.Was talking to Loretta the other day and she is busy working on a new one called The Girl in the Hard Hat.

  6. I’ve also read The Fault in our Stars this year, and loved it! I definitely want to read more of John Green’s work.
    If you enjoy rural-lit, you should read The Angina Monologues , it’s wonderful.
    Thanks for stopping by my TTT

  7. Number 3 and 5 are mentioned in my list, in a different way though ^^

    Nice list! 😀

  8. Great list Bree! I still have to read The Fault in our Stars and now I’m totally adding Me Before You to my wishlist!

  9. Vithya says:

    Thanks for the list. Definitely planning to read Painter of silence and The age of miracles.

  10. Great topic for this week! I really want to read Painter of Silence, the premise sounds fantastic and if it was shortlisted for the Orange Prize, it must’ve been very interesting =)

    Thanks for dropping by my blog earlier! =)

  11. I had never thought of rural-lit as a category before but now I’m kind of digging it! And intrigued by all things steel-capped boots…

  12. Katie says:

    My library is lame and doesn’t carry many new books, but I’ve been DYING to read The Fault in Our Stars!!

  13. It seems that everyone has loved The Fault in our Stars – I feel like I really need to read it ASAP.

  14. I am DYING to read The Fault in Our Stars. Looking for Alaska is one of my all-time favorite books, so I recommend reading that by Green.

    The Age of Miracles sounds like one I need to read, and I’ve Got Your Number would be a fun read…something I think my mom would love.

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