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Storm – Brigid Kemmerer

on June 14, 2012

Brigid Kemmerer
Allen & Unwin
2012, 343p
Read from my TBR pile

Becca Chandler doesn’t have a lot of friends since her ex-boyfriend spread those rumours about her. One night after taking a self-defence class at the school, she sees a boy from her year being beaten up severely by two older boys in the parking lot. She doesn’t hesitate to get involved, driving her car at them to scare them off and then taking the injured boy, Chris Merrick, home to his family – consisting of 3 other very handsome older brothers.

That intervention will change Becca’s life as she becomes mixed up with Chris, his brothers and the dangerous situation they are in. Chris, the twins Nick and Gabriel and their older brother Michael who is their guardian are all possessed of special abilities which Becca witnesses. When Chris confides their story to her and she finds out that they are possibly marked for death, Becca knows she can’t let that happen. She’s drawn to Chris but there are misunderstandings that threaten their fragile friendship.

Another thing threatening their friendship is Hunter, the mysterious and good looking new kid who seems to be popping up everywhere. All of a sudden Becca has attention from two boys but with the rumours that have been started about her, she’d be stupid not to tread very, very carefully. She doesn’t want to put her trust in anyone too quickly and besides, there’s bigger things at stake than getting a boyfriend.

The biggest secret might just be about Becca herself.

I mentioned in my last New Arrivals post that I picked up this one primarily because of its large online presence. My tweet stream had been filled with praise for this book and I was curious. I was drawn by the whole Elemental idea, something I’ve read before but that wasn’t explored very well. When I started this book, I didn’t expect to get so swept away! Immediately I was sucked in by the scene of Becca coming to Chris’s aid and it just went from there.

Becca is such a well written character, she’s tough because she has to be but underneath you can tell she’s just hurting, both because of what happened to her with her ex-boyfriend and also because of her father, who left some years ago and only maintains sporadic contact at best. He’s just reappeared in her life, wanting some attention and Becca is torn between letting him suffer, because that’s what he has done to her, and wanting to spend time with him because he’s her dad and she loves and misses him. She has a good relationship with her mother (who was present, but a nurse who works night shifts, so explainably absent at times, but still very much a part of this book and Becca’s life). I found Becca so well fleshed out so I wasn’t surprised when the boys turned out to be equally well done.

It’s easy to write a book and stuff it with boys and repeatedly tell the reader how hot they are. But it’s a little harder to make them interesting and Brigid Kemmerer succeeds admirably here. Chris is the star of this book so we’re mostly given light into his abilities and character but the rest of his brothers do feature and we’re introduced to their various gifts here too. The background of the family is thoughtful and I liked that Kemmerer took care not to make them perfect. They do have their various flaws both with Becca and concerning their background (there’s a rather awesome scene of Becca standing up for herself after one of the twins says something nasty about her due to the rumours he’s heard).

The love triangle is a tired thing in YA fiction but I know I’m enjoying a book when I’m reading one and there’s a love triangle and not only do I not care, but I am also enjoying it! Becca finds herself torn between Chris and the new and mysterious Hunter. Chris isn’t as good at showing his feelings and Hunter appears to be more open with her. When I first began the book, to be quite honest I wasn’t sure who I was supposed to be ‘cheering’ for and for a little while, I really didn’t mind! I liked them both and I thought that I’d be quite happy with either outcome but as the story went on I made my choice.

Storm is a fabulous beginning to a new series, full of exciting characters and interesting paranormal abilities. I was lucky enough to get approved for the second novel by the American publisher on NetGalley but I’m trying to resist reading for a little while, until closer to the release date. And I’ll definitely be picking up a print copy of Spark when it is released here too. Spark is Gabriel’s story and the third is Spirit, which is a story about Hunter. You can also check out a couple of eBook novella’s, Elemental, which details the story of Chris and the twins’ older brother Michael and the events that led to the climax of Storm. The second novella is called Fearless and involves Hunter before he met Becca and Chris.

I loved Storm. I highly recommend it!


Book #104 of 2012

9 responses to “Storm – Brigid Kemmerer

  1. Shannon (Giraffe Days) says:

    This is high praise indeed! It would have sounded very tired and overdone, the plot, if I’d read about it anywhere else, but your enthusiasm really lifts it out of the mould. How can I possibly say no to it now?

    (it’s interesting that you picked this up because of online buzz – I had never heard of it before! Shows how “with it” I am eh!)

    • I think Becca really helps make this work, she’s very well constructed and I think the boys’ abilities are too. You need to get on Twitter Shannon, that’s where a lot of the online buzz is that leads me to pick up books!

      • Twitter? I’ve never felt any urge to sign up except for when all the bookish news and stuff goes round; that’d be nice. Not even sure how it works to be honest! Seems suited to people with iphones and things like that, and people who are good at saying short pithy things. You know me, I suck at keeping it short! But I suppose you can use it just to hear about stuff, you don’t have to “talk” all the time too?

        • Mmm it can be like that for some! But I find it pretty easy to have whole conversations there, and pretty much all of them about books! It’s where I find a lot of recommendations and new on new releases these days. And yes, you can definitely just observe!

  2. Danielle says:

    GREAT review! Agreed, I loved this book too – and I’m so excited to read all the (hot) brother’s stories!

  3. VeganYANerds says:

    I’m so glad you enjoyed this! I was a bit worried that it was receiving heaps of hype but it genuinely sounds good and Becca sounds like a MC that I want to read about.

    • So was I when I first started, but I was hooked from the beginning. And I think you will enjoy Becca, she has a sense of justice and she’s also pretty kick-ass – the book opens with her taking a self-defence class, for reasons you learn later on in the book. I think that Kemmerer did an awesome job with her. Let me know when you start this one!

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