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Obsidian – Jennifer L. Armentrout

on May 27, 2012

Jennifer L. Armentrout
Entangled Publishing, LLC
2012, 335p
Read from my TBR pile

Katy and her mother need a fresh start after the death of her father some years earlier so they’ve moved north to West Virginia right before Katy’s senior year. Katy’s mother notices that there are teenagers next door and encourages Katy to go over and make friends with them, to hopefully make her transition easier. Katy is a bit reluctant but she heads over and introduces herself to Dameon, her hot neighbour.

Dameon might be hot but he’s also arrogant and extremely rude, embarrassing Katy. However she makes friends with Dameon’s twin sister Dee, despite Dameon’s blunt reservations about Dee being friends with her and chooses to ignore Dameon’s rudeness in order to continue her friendship with Dee.  Despite Dameon’s hostile attitude, there’s still a simmering attraction between them – Katy can’t help but fantasise about him and Dameon often seems interested himself.

When something happens that threaten Katy’s life, Dameon freezes time – literally. Everything just stops, except for him and her and Katy is confronted with the glaring proof that Dameon isn’t human. And his freezing time in order to save Katy’s life has marked her with a glaring light that will attract Dameon’s enemies and draw them to her (and him). In order to keep her safe until the mark fades, Dameon will have to keep her close to him. And that could be more dangerous than letting the enemies find her!

Obsidian has quite the cult following at the moment and I was keen to give it a go so I picked up a copy recently and bumped it to the top of the TBR. From the moment I first started reading, I was drawn into the story and drawn towards the protagonist Katy – for a start, she’s a book blogger! I always love reading about characters that enjoy reading themselves and this one takes that a step further and has Katy reading, reviewing, updating her blog with various meme’s and making vlogs. That was a nice little touch, which gave me a bit of a connection to Katy. I also enjoyed her personality, because she didn’t allow herself to be bossed around or bullied by Dameon, even though at times he was really well, a bit of a dick. There’s no other way to describe it actually!

I found the concept quite fresh and enjoyable: I’ve read about vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, witches, etc but I haven’t read too much about aliens (kind of hard to think of a sexy alien, isn’t it?) but Armentrout manages to create a believable scenario and also inject a bit of originality into the whole ‘paranormal beings moving amongst the normal folk’ schtick. It was nice to feel like I was reading something different, even though the basic story was similar to many other paranormals in that there is the hot paranormal boy, the average girl (who may not actually be so average) and the big bad that comes along to threaten lives/wreck everything etc. And I also ended up very much liking the chemistry between Dameon and Katy towards the end of the book, after Katy found out the truth about Dameon. When she was on equal footing with him and when he felt compelled to keep her safe because he’d marked her, rather than drive her away from Dee to keep her safe (as it turns out that Dameon does have a very good reason for not wanting his sister to be close friends with an average human) their interactions were much more enjoyable and I felt that I could get behind them as a couple.

What I didn’t like were their conversations and run-ins prior to Katy discovering the truth about Dameon. Maybe because I’m perhaps older than the probable-targeted audience for this novel, I found Dameon seriously, seriously irritating. It’s a fine line between tortured jerk and just actual jerk and Dameon didn’t so much straddle this line as take a giant leap to the other side. I know he’s supposed to be mean, to drive her away, but that makes the little ‘moments’ between them extremely hard to buy into because no one actually spends time with someone who is such a giant douche. Although Katy did come back at him and tell him off, or shut him down when he was being annoying, it still didn’t always wash with me that she’d actually go and spend all this time with him when he was just being a moron right at the beginning of the story, because her friendship with Dee is only just beginning, so why put up with all of this extra drama when it isn’t necessary? It also bothered me when he called her “kittycat” or “kitten” or any other variation of that pet name. It just didn’t really ring true that anyone would actually use that as a term of endearment, whether it be extremely sarcastic or otherwise! It’s quite a balance to juggle, to create a character that is antagonistic at the start but slowly loses that side and I’m not sure this balance was correctly achieved for me. But then again as I said, I’m older and I have less tolerance for arrogant young teenagers these days!

Apart from that – super enjoyable and I liked the ending a lot. Definitely ordering the next one, which is due out later this year. It’s a promising series.


Book #92 of 2012


7 responses to “Obsidian – Jennifer L. Armentrout

  1. I’m still having a hard time picturing sexy aliens. I’m still seeing Roger from American Dad

  2. VeganYANerds says:

    I am sure that I would have the same issues with Dameon’s character, guys using pet names like that always grate on me but I would like to read this as I keep hearing about it and you rated it pretty high – great review!

    • I’d probably have rated it higher if Dameon didn’t annoy me so much earlier on in the book! Once Katy found out the truth about him and why he was trying to drive her away, it was much better… I am really looking forward to the next one.

  3. Danielle says:

    I read this one recently (prompted by the ‘cult following’ you mentioned) and really liked it too!
    “Dameon didn’t so much straddle this line as take a giant leap to the other side” – lol, very true. But I still liked him. I liked that Katy gave as good as she got from him, and I liked that he was an OTT bad boy (a bit refreshing from the Edward Cullen school of I’m-going-to-watch-you-while-you-sleep school of courting).

    Great review 🙂

    • LOL, it was nice (refreshing) that although he was drawn to her, he wasn’t peering around corners and stalking her! I think some of his remarks just struck me as that “bit too far” but I do understand why he was written that way! And I think it’s definitely set up for a very interesting book 2

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