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June Read-A-Long – My Hundred Lovers, by Susan Johnson

on May 22, 2012

In June I am very excited to be hosting a read-a-long for publisher Allen & Unwin of My Hundred Lovers, a new book by Australian author Susan Johnson. From the blurb:

A woman, on the eve of her fiftieth birthday, reflects on one hundred moments from a lifetime’s sensual adventures. After the love, hatred and despair are done with, the great and trivial acts of her bodily life reveal an imperfect, yet whole self. By turns humorous, sharp, haunting and wise, this is an original and exhilarating novel from one of Australia’s premier writers.
Lyrical and exquisite, My Hundred Lovers captures the sheer wonder of life, desire and love.

For the first three weeks in June myself and other bloggers will be reading this book in sections and then discussing it both here on my blog and also on the participants own blogs, should they choose. I’ll be posting weekly, highlighting key points and hopefully there’ll plenty of conversation and opinions as we talk about this exciting novel. I can’t wait to read it, I think it sounds fascinating and I’ve been warned that it’s very, very brutally honest in its style which I think should definitely promote some very interesting topics of discussion.

If you’re an Australian blogger who wants to take part in the read-a-long then please email me your details at 1girl2manybooks {@} gmail {.} com with: your name, link to your blog and postal address so that I can pass your details on to the publisher. There are still some spots open so if this sounds like something you’d like to read and take part in, don’t hesitate to get in contact. You can read at your own pace and come back and comment on the relevant posts  whenever you’re ready, there’s no actual requirement to read along exactly to the schedule (which will be posted when I’ve received my copy of the book and can best divide it up into equal parts).

If you’re already signed up through A&U, add your link to the Mr Linky below so we can all get to know each other!

Feel free to introduce yourselves in the comments too. For those taking part who don’t know me, I’m Bree. I’m 30 years old, I live in Melbourne and I’m a mother of two boys – my eldest will be 4 in August and my youngest is 8 months old. Reading has been my escape for as long as I can remember – my parents bought me a 6ft x 3ft bookcase for my 8th birthday and I filled it that day. I’m a book lover, a book hoarder and I started this blog 2 years ago (this week actually!) in order to keep a record of what I was reading in the year and my thoughts on each book. I never dreamed it would lead me into such an amazing community of other book lovers and bloggers. I’ve participated in several read-a-longs before and really enjoyed them and talking to so many other people about the book, but this is the first one I’ve hosted myself so I’m really excited about that. You can follow me on twitter @1girl2manybooks if you like and I’ll tag any twitter posts with the hashtag #MyHundredLovers

I hope you all have fun, enjoy the book and join in the discussion.

I’ll be linking up all the discussion posts with the Australian Women Writers Challenge 2012 database and counting the reading of My Hundred Lovers towards my personal goal. Anyone who is also taking part in this challenge, don’t forget that this book qualifies!

45 responses to “June Read-A-Long – My Hundred Lovers, by Susan Johnson

  1. Feistykel says:

    I begged A&U to be in on this, I am so looking forward to reading it after seeing a teaser from them a week or two ago. It sounds fantastic. Looking forward to reading along with you. I am also from Melbourne, a 34yo mother of 2 (3 and 8yo). I share your love of books so will be reading you often! Cheers, Kelly

  2. Hi Bree, I’m really looking forward to this – I think it will be fun. While all my reviews go on, I’ll be covering the read along aspect from the linked blog. As for me, I’m a mother of four (blended family) living in Perth, working as a freelance writer and reviewing books when I’m not juggling everything else!

  3. realmum says:

    Another book lover (and writer) here … can’t wait to get hold of the book, am devouring books almost as fast as I’m devouring choc teddy bear biscuits, so badly do I need an escape 🙂

    I’m a mum to three boys (11, 9 & 3 – GAH, help me, please!) writer, blogger, speaker and founder of a parent support website and online community, wife, and wine drinker, funnily enough ….

    Can’t wait to be part of this .. I’m a book blog-a-long virgin!

    • Haha my two boys are enough, I can only imagine how one more would contribute to the chaos! Sounds like you are super busy so I hope you enjoy your first read-a-long/blog-a-long!

  4. Susan says:

    I’m a film critic, book reviewer, food reviewer, and blogger for various publications and websites. Brissy-based, I went back to university last year to study for my masters in writing, editing, and publishing. When I’m not immersed in one of my many projects, I try to be the best mum and wife I can be to my gorgeous hubby and delish trio of kidlets. I’ve never participated in a blog-a-long before; please be gentle.

    I am thrilled to be a part of this project with you all and am looking forward to the discussions.


    • Thank you for taking part Susan, don’t worry I’m sure you’ll have a fab time for your first read-a-long. Good on you for going back to university, I’m just about to start back myself after having some time off to have my youngest last year. Your masters sounds like something I’d love to get to at some stage!

  5. I won a freebie copy of the book at the Stella Prize Lunch at the Sydney Writers’ Festival last Friday. It looks so enticing but I have been disciplined and put it aside until June so I can participate!

  6. Hi Bree, my name’s Tracey, I’m from Melbourne and I’m also a booklover like everyone here, and can I say it’s wonderful to be in such great company. I’m a book blogger and really enjoy reviewing books and interviewing authors on my blog

    I’m looking forward to making new bookish friends online during the read-along, enjoying ‘My Hundred Lovers’ together, and visiting everyone’s blogs.

    • Hi Tracey, nice to meet you! Love your blog name…I have a little bit more than 2c to say most of the time too 😉 I’ll be following your blog, hope you enjoy the read-a-long.

  7. Hi Bree, always lovely to stop by here! My review will be up on my site at, but I’ll be sure to swing by the other participating sites to discuss the book as I read it.

  8. Hi everyone, I’m Sussan from Melbourne. This is my first read-a-long blog and I’m looking forward to it. My blog address is

  9. Oh bummer, another reason to wish I was back home! Still, looking forward to hearing more about the book. (Love how well the Aussie Women Writers Challenge is going, too!) 🙂

  10. I may be the exception to the rule for this book. First of all I’m a bloke!! I love reading and lately have been reading the strangest things hence why I’m involved in this I suppose. When not reading, I am writing novels. Husband and father of two in Victoria, Australia.

  11. shelleyrae @ Book'd Out says:

    Since this showed up in my mailbox I am happy to join in Bree, and look forward to discussing it:)

    It’s great to find some new Aussie bloggers to follow. My name is Shelleyrae and my blog is Book’d Out at . I live on the mid north coast of NSW with hubby and 4 kids. I read a lot, read most anything and post a review almost every day.
    I invite everyone to drop by 🙂

  12. Franciska says:

    Hi Ladies and Gent 😉 I’m Franciska from Auckland (yes, that would be NZ – but I’m an import and therefore NOT a Kiwi – so I think I qualify for ‘cool kid’ status). My blog is: and I also run a parenting web site: I have pages for both on facebook so please look them up – I’m always happy to exchange links!! I have made my first blog post about the read-along here: – please pop in to day hi and to share a link to your blog. 😀

  13. Paula says:

    Howdy! Looking forward to having an online slumber party discussing books with everyone! I am going to wear my Wonder Woman pyjamas. 🙂
    I am a lover of pizza and horror movies and tend to talk about how dreamy Adrien Brody is more often than may be necessary.
    My blog is
    Happiness! 🙂

  14. Paula says:

    Owl pyjamas and an alternate to Adrien Brody for Stephen are all read-a-long “no problems!” Thanks for having me.
    I will be the one making margaritas if anyone forgets my name. 🙂

  15. Rose says:

    Hi, I am really looking forward to reading along. Im a widow with 5 kids and doing a BA at university. My blog is

  16. I recieved my copy of the book today. So that make me all set!!

  17. Jessi says:

    I received my copy of the book today also! Looking forward to it

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