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The Industry – Rose Foster

on May 12, 2012

The Industry
Rose Foster
Harper Collins AU
2012, 312p
Copy won in a publisher giveaway at Tales of the Inner Book Fanatic 

Kirra is just a normal, average 16yo with a younger sister and brother. She’s excellent at science and maths and tends to be a bit of a social outcast, not at all concerned with things like clothes and boys like her sister. However it turns out that Kirra can do a pretty extraordinary thing… she can crack a code that to almost everyone else, doesn’t even make sense. There’s no explanation for how and why she can do it, she just can.

This makes her very, very valuable to all sorts of people and organisations all over the world. Kidnapped on her way home from school one day, Kirra finds herself taken out of the country and kept in a stark room. She’s fed little information other than the people that have her are criminals, part of a huge operation known as The Industry and that they want to use her and her special skill to help them do their jobs. They’re ‘contractors’ and it seems that nothing is out of bounds if they’re hired by people with the right amount of money.

When she refuses to help them, they threaten her cellmate Milo. Milo is apparently like Kirra in that he too is one of the handful of people all over the world that can crack the code and has also been taken. Reluctant to become involved with anyone, determined to just get away as soon as possible, Kirra does find herself warming to Milo the longer they spend time together. When he is threatened with excruciating pain, she knows she will break her word and help them, no matter that what she’s doing goes against everything she believes in.

Kirra is about to find out that The Industry is bigger and far more complex than she could have possibly dreamed. There are companies and individuals all caught up in it and it’s almost impossible to tell who is friend and who is foe.

The Industry is the first novel in an exciting new series from young Australian author Rose Foster. I didn’t know much about it before I won a copy in a giveaway over at Erin’s blog but when it turned up in the mail I was in the mood for a bit of YA and the premise intrigued me. Kirra is a bit of an outcast at her school, she has no real friends and given that she takes some classes two years above her level (she’s in year 10 but takes math at a year 12 level) she’s also a bit of a target for disdain. Whilst searching online for an assignment, she comes across an interesting puzzle and finds that she thinks she can solve it. After she puts the answer in though nothing happens…until she is kidnapped brutally in broad daylight.

From there Kirra’s normal life turns into an absolute nightmare. I found the idea of The Industry extremely interesting and also very well written without being too over the top and unbelievable. You have to stretch your imagination but in a fun way and I think that Kirra was also well written in the way she tried to cope with her abduction. She has almost no way to know how much time as passed, she has little human contact at first in her cell and the one person who shows her kindness is punished. Then Milo drops into her cell and at first Kirra is openly hostile and reluctant to even talk to him. Milo slowly worms his way in though and given their proximity, Kirra forms an attachment to him.

I do feel that there is a section in this book that lags a fraction, pace wise but the book makes up for that by then really switching it up and executing a neat (not altogether unexpected, but still very skillful) twist that I felt definitely helped change the flow and feel of the story and make it a whole lot more interesting. I felt that Kirra really came into her own as a character towards the end of the book. She realises that her life as she has known it is probably over and that given she’s such a valuable commodity, the potential of putting them in danger if she contacted them was high. She is forced to grow up alarmingly swiftly and I feel that in the next book, she is going to really be a character to watch.

The Industry is really a promising start to what could be a really phenomenal trilogy or series (I’m not sure how many volumes are planned so far). It’s different and I think there’s a lot within it that would appeal – the ability of a character that no one else has, becoming a valuable commodity for both good and evil purposes. You really get a chance to put yourself in Kirra’s shoes. I’m going to be keeping a eye out for the next one.


Book #80 of 2012

The Industry is the 28th novel read and reviewed for the Australian Women Writers Challenge 2012

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  1. VeganYANerds says:

    I definitely agree, this could make for an excellent series, I am looking forward to finding out more in the next book!

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