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Top 10 Tuesday 17th April

on April 17, 2012

Top 10 Tuesday is a weekly meme created and hosted by The Broke and the Bookish with a different bookish topic each week. This week it is….

Top 10 Tips For New Book Bloggers!

To be honest I’m not sure how qualified I am to give tips as I’m still fairly new myself! I’ll have been blogging 2 years at the end of May so I’m still a bit of a blogging baby. But I’ll have a go!

  1. Read What You Want, Not What You Think You Should. It’s pretty tempting sometimes to read all of the books with all of the hype, even if you don’t care about them.. and I know I’ve certainly thought hey, I don’t really want to read this but everyone else is! What am I missing out on? The answer is generally not much… I’ve learned to trust that if I really don’t want to read something, it’s usually because I know myself and my tastes. Sometimes I’m pleasantly surprised but mostly if I try to read what everyone else is reading just because they are and not because I want to actually read it, it turns out ‘meh’.
  2. Post Regularly. And by regularly I don’t mean 5x a day, but a couple of times per week so that people know you’re out there and you’re pretty active. It can be easy to find a new blog that looks promising only for the person to never post for months, or ever again! Getting some hits early on requires some frequency so make sure you have a few reviews up your sleeve or you have the time to write them. Some people like to keep a cache of posts in the drafts folder so if real life swamps them, they can schedule a few and the absence isn’t that noticeable until they have time to be more involved again.
  3. Utilise Social Media etc. There’s a pretty huge and involved community out there and I’ve found Twitter far better for connecting with people than my actual blog. Meeting people on Twitter seems to draw them to my blog and I know that I certainly visit the blogs of people I’ve met through Twitter and Goodreads and places like that. I don’t often google for reviews of particular books – I go to Twitter and see if anyone I know is talking about it, or to Goodreads and see if anyone I know has read it.
  4. Make It Easy For People To Follow You The Way They Choose. Being wordpress, I never did the Google Friend Connect thing. For a long while I used to bookmark sites I liked and visit them each day to see updates! That’s quite a time consuming way of doing things so I don’t really recommend that – now I use Google Reader and I read through it each morning and comment on the pieces or reviews that catch my attention. People like to follow or keep up with blogs in different ways so make sure you have it covered! I know that if I like a blog but I can’t find the RSS feed button or if it’s too busy that I’m getting a headache, I’ve left before finding it. And probably don’t ever go back.
  5. Be Honest, But Not Rude. We’ve all not liked books. It happens. Reading is very subjective – it’s all about having a very personal response to a book and sometimes well, that response is baaaad! There’s nothing wrong with that… nothing at all! You can review a book negatively and be funny without being nasty or rude. I review the book alone and always state what didn’t work for me and WHY. There’s nothing wrong with being snarky – actually snarky reviews are some of my favourites to read, even if I happened to enjoy that book. But there’s a line.
  6. ARC’s Are Not The Be-All And End-All. They’re lovely if/when they arrive! But they aren’t the entirety of what is important in blogging. Getting down your thoughts about books and reading and comparing your thoughts to other people are the crucial parts to blogging, IMO. I didn’t start getting print ARC’s until around the beginning of this year and even so they’re still a rarity. I read lots from my local library, who are pretty swift with new releases and I read my own books (although I buy far faster than I can read!).
  7. It Should Be FUN. Blogging shouldn’t be a chore or a burden. For nearly all of us, it’s a hobby, a way to relax, meet other people, immerse ourselves in things we like (books!). If it has become a burden then maybe you need to look at what you want to get out of it (actually, maybe Know What You Want Out Of Blogging should’ve been a tip up there, so just pretend it was, ok?). For me, it was always about connecting with other people who love reading as much as I do, because I didn’t have that in real life. My friends don’t like to read much and I felt I was starved of conversation about books. So for me, talking about books is always fun!
  8. Join A MeMe. They’re a great way to really find lots of other blogs that you might click with and also attract people to your own. They’re regular, so you’re posting regularly because of it and they’re fun, so you can often find yourself thinking about things that you haven’t thought about much before.
  9. Learn From Mistakes! To be honest, I’ve probably broken just about every rule I’ve listed here at some stage or other in my short book blogging life! It’s the way things are, we’re all human and blogging, like everything else, is a learning process. I certainly don’t profess to know all that much about it, but after 2 years I’ve settled into a pattern with my review writing and posting that I’m comfortable with. And I think that’s it – it’s all about finding a way to blog, whatever it may be, that makes you happy.

Only 9 this week, but that sounded as good a place to end as any!


18 responses to “Top 10 Tuesday 17th April

  1. There is defintely a fine balance between snarky and rude- I find myself constantly rewording things so that I don’t cross the line (and I know I do sometimes). And I completely agree with the ARCs- it makes you feel special, but there is plenty out there to read!

    • I do too, and I know that I’ve probably left some lines in that in retrospect, I should’ve taken out at some stage, especially early on! It is a bit of a knack balancing it.

  2. Oh, I love (5). I know that I often did this without intending to do so and I’m trying to change this particular habit of mine, so.. I also love (9) *grin* Though, to be honest, your whole list is great!

    Patricia // My Post

  3. Those are great. I am still new to the blogging world and am just popping in to see what seems to be working for everyone. I have to say that some of these I have already found out as well. lol

    ARC’s are nice, but they can also be a pain. I find that the ones that are most enjoyable are the tired and true authors I have read a ton from and enjoy there work. So I agree that people should not feel they need to have ARC’s b/c you can write a great review or sometimes better when a book has been through the complete refining stage.

    Thanks for the tips.
    Amanda @ Sisters Unedited

    • ARC’s do often come with a bit of stress don’t they? I know I’ve had none for ages then all of a sudden there’s lots there all needing to be read at the same time. I feel more pressure to like those ones because hey, they were a gift from the author or publisher and it seems really rude to then say oh, I hated it! But thanks for giving it to me to read anyway.

  4. Great advice! Totally agree with you about making it easy for readers to follow your blog. I’m always so surprised to see blogs where their GFC, Linky, Or RSS feed are hidden.

    My Top Ten Tips @ YA Books

  5. I love your ‘Be Honest, Not Rude’. I think that is so, so important.Great tips!

  6. Love your first rule: Read what you want, not what you think you should. When I’m most miserable with blogging, it’s usually because I’m breaking that one. Such an important lesson!

  7. Indeed, be honest, not rude. I like to see negative reviews, because that gives the book a total other dimension than only positive reviews. But I don’t like people burning a book down, because you must keep in mind: the author puts a lot of effort and time in the book, so try to appreciate and respect that..

    And you’re right. If there is no easy way to follow someone, I give up and never return to the blog again.

    I could easily comment on every aspect you gave, but I liked them all! I think you covered the most important things of blogging 🙂

    • I like seeing negative reviews too. I get a bit suspicious when everything out there is glowing glowing glowing on a particular book, because I know that it’s just not possible for everyone to love a book. I always like to read the opposite perspective just because it gives me a better idea of the entire picture.

  8. Very true! it SHOULD be fun. And you should love books if you’re going to write about them!

  9. Great tips! Thanks so much, I’m learning a ton today!

  10. Loni says:

    Blogging should definitely be fun. If it feels like work, something is wrong.

  11. Great point about reading what you want! A lot of times I’ve read something a friend suggested despite the fact that I was unsure about it, and I ended up hating it. And that’s a very interesting idea about searching for intriguing books on twitter rather than just using goodreads. I might have to try it!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  12. VeganYANerds says:

    You offer up some great advice, I think it’s easy for bloggers to forget many of these points and it’s always good to get a reminder!

  13. “Read what you want, not what you think you should” is the best one ever. It’s sad when reviewing becomes a chore. However, I must say reading those big scary books has sometimes surprised me.

  14. Great tips Bree, i’m certainly guilty of most of them from time to time- especially social marketing. I do not get on twitter as much as I would like. I just haven’t been able to get into ‘conversing on twitter’- but there’s a first time for everything!

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