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Father Mine – J.R. Ward

on February 15, 2011

Father Mine is included in The Black Dagger Brotherhood: An Insider’s Guide but given that I only really borrowed it for this part (and interviews and plot outlines are hard to review), I’m just going to talk about the novella. I’m an unabashed Zsadist fan – his book is my favourite of all of them and I enjoyed his story the most. So when I heard there was a novella dealing with his adaptation to fatherhood, I knew I had to read it!

Father Mine takes place after the end of Lover Awakened but before the epilogue that is included in the back of the book. It is two months since Bella gave birth to Nalla in a difficult labour that resulted in Doc Jane performing an emergency cesarean and Bella almost passing unto the Fade from extreme blood loss. Bella is a doting mother, adoring her young daughter and delighting in every moment with her. She is concerned about Zsadist, who hasn’t bonded with the young at all – he won’t touch her or pick her up, he barely even looks at her. His savage nightmares are plaguing him and he is distant from her.

Now that Bella is a mother, she finds that her priorities have changed. Her world is Nalla’s safety and security and although she knew that being Z’s shellan was never going to be easy, she didn’t think that he would go backwards, the way he has been, especially with their daughter. Plus Z’s lack of sexual interest in her since their daughter was born is just adding to her misery. On a night when Z is out fighting, despite a loving text message from him, she calls her brother and asks a favour. And then she packs some bags.

At only about 83p, Father Mine is a pretty quick read, especially when compared to the rest of the BDB books! It was nice to have a chance to check in on Zsadist and Bella again as when I read BDB books I find I often am looking for glimpses of the previous couples. Zsadist is struggling in dealing with his past, his nightmares returning and taking on a new element which makes him terrified to bond with Nalla and one day have to explain to her why he has those tattoos and why his face is scarred. His new daughter is precious and innocent and he fears one day having to be the reason that shatters. He’s also trying to be respectful of Nalla’s demands on Bella, giving his shellan plenty of room to feed and bond and is withholding feeding himself. They are both labouring under some misunderstandings regarding the others feelings and it isn’t until Zsadist is injured whilst out in the field and faces losing Bella for good that they are forced to talk and deal with the issues that have come up since the birth of Nalla.

I thought it was nice to see Ward address the fact that Zsadist wasn’t magically cured by the love of Bella and he still did have very real demons that plagued him and prevented him from moving forward with his new young family. It was true that Zsadist and Bella didn’t exactly plan to have Nalla and she was also born early which perhaps didn’t give Zsadist enough time to adjust to her arrival. But given the types of nightmares he was having regarding his former Mistress and including Nalla, I think he’d have had these issues regardless. The novella also shows how a couple as tight as Zsadist and Bella can almost fall apart through a lack of communication and a few misunderstandings.

To be honest, I’ve always found the hype surrounding the BDB a little amusing – the author treats the characters as if they are real and posts ‘interviews’ and message board interactions with them and the fans border on the rabid side. The rest of this book was really for those die hard fans as it does contain those character-author interviews and a bunch of similar stuff and I’d advise you to skip it if you’re only a casual fan. But if you love Zsadist and Bella (or just Z) then I’d definitely recommend you pick up the book just for the novella of Father Mine. It’s definitely worth the read if you’re looking for more on their relationship! There’s a few hot scenes but a lot of emotion as well.


{I am counting this as book #21 of 2011 because I did read the whole thing, even if I did skim some parts}


2 responses to “Father Mine – J.R. Ward

  1. Shannon says:

    Oh wow I had no idea this novella was in this book! I’m never interested in these kinds of books, but I think I’ll have to get hold of a copy just for the story. Cheers Bree!

  2. Mimi says:

    Ahhhh ❤
    I want more!

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