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Lover Revealed – J.R. Ward

on January 5, 2011

Continuing on with my Black Dagger Brotherhood kick. Lover Revealed is the fourth novel in the series and focuses on the story of Butch -aka former Homicide cop Brian O’Neal- and Marissa, the aristocratic former shellan of Wrath, the blind vampire King. She ended their bonding when she realised that Wrath was never going to want her in Dark Lover and when she realised that he had fallen in love with the half-vampire half human Beth, who he helped through her transition.

Butch and Marissa first interact in Dark Lover when Butch has to bring Beth to the mansion of the Brotherhood. She is going through the change, but Butch doesn’t realise that, thinking that she is in withdrawal and that Wrath is her dealer. He opts to take Beth to Wrath, even if she is using rather than see her die. He soon finds out that Beth isn’t entirely human, and nor is Wrath and the rest of the Brotherhood. Although they could’ve wiped his memory and sent him on his way, Butch and a couple of the Brothers bond over baseball and alcohol and V, who has visions, assumes responsibility for him. Butch, who has nothing to regret leaving behind as he’s currently on leave without pay for roughing up a suspect, and his family don’t have any time for him, settles into life with the Brothers. Although being only human, he can’t fight but he makes himself useful in various scenarios throughout books 2&3 investigating ‘crime scenes’ where the lessers have been.

Marissa and Butch are instantly attracted to one another but a whole bunch of things occur – some misunderstandings, Marissa’s lack of self-esteem and worth, the interference of her brother Havers, a few more things. In this novel Butch is kidnapped by some lessers when saving some civilian vampires and tortured for information on the Brotherhood. Although he gives nothing up, the Omega decides not to kill him, instead implanting something into him and then leaving him out in the open for the Brothers to find. When V finds Butch, Butch requests that V kill him, rather than give up anything about the Brotherhood, as they are unsure of what the Omega has done to him. Butch is taken to Havers’ clinic and it is V who sends Marissa in to sit with Butch and help him heal. When Havers finds out that Marissa has been…fraternising for want of a better word, with a human, he boots her out of his house and out of his protection. It is not long before dawn and Marissa is forced to go to the one place she knows she will be safe – the Brotherhood mansion. Welcomed with open arms by Beth, the Queen, and Wrath it brings Marissa and Butch under the same roof and they are forced to deal with their issues. Including the fact that Butch may be a much bigger part of their world than anyone thought.

I enjoyed the interactions of Butch and Marissa in the previous novels. I liked their opposite natures – Butch is a roughnut, grew up in a low economic social class, experimented in drugs and hookers, saw a lot of seedy things during his days as a cop. Marissa is as pure as the driven snow (literally). She’s been cosseted and protected for her whole extended life and dresses like a virgin of Victorian times. Mated to Wrath for quite possibly several hundred years, the bonding was never once consummated and the failure of it led Marissa to sink into a low depression, feeling that there was something wrong with her as a female. She’s convinced she’s defective sexually, and even though she responds to Butch, their first few sexual encounters are not without their problems.

However, I think I decided not long into this book that I liked them a lot better when they weren’t the main focus of a story. I know that there’s always going to be obstacles and whatever for the two main characters in these novels to get over but seriously, Butch and Marissa’s bordered on the ridiculous. I wish I had actually counted, when reading, how many times something happened to split them up and send one of them running. And then one would crawl back, or something would happen to yank them back together only for the whole process to begin all over again! It was a bit frustrating and I felt like I was stuck in some sort of revolving door wondering if this relationship would ever be resolved.

We also continue on with the story of John Matthew in this novel – several of his friends in the training program have gone through the transition and Wrath knows that his time will be soon. They’ve made arrangements for a female of worth to help him through his change and although John Matthew longs to be big and strong, to fight the lessers and avenge the fact that they stole not one, but two parents from him, he still fears the sexual urges that will come when he goes through his transition. I am quite enjoying the bits about John Matthew and although I already know a bit more than I should from reading a cheat sheet, I’m quite looking forward to more revelations about his past and bloodline.

I liked this novel but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed the first 3, particularly Lover Awakened. I think it went on a bit too long getting Butch and Marissa together only for there to be an issue to break them up. There’s a nice scene between Zsadist and Bella in this novel and a pretty intense one between Wrath and Beth but Mary is barely mentioned – I think she appears once and doesn’t speak when the 3 shellans of the first 3 novels stage some sort of intervention/interrogation of Marissa about the relationship I think convincing her to go and talk to Butch about something. All the issues tend to blur together after a while! We get a lot of scenes showing the Brotherhood bonding and interacting, a few likewise scenes featuring the women so important to them would be nice as well.


Book #128 of 2010

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