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Glory In Death – J.D. Robb

on December 23, 2010

Book #2 of the In Death series and Lieutenant Eve Dallas has been called out to a murder. A woman she knows, Prosecuting Attorney Cicely Towers has been found with her throat slashed in a downscale area of New York City – definitely not her usual stomping ground. She’s an impeccably dressed woman, wealthy through careful investments. What was she doing in this part of town? When Eve discovers that Towers has a link to her lover Roarke, she must answer some questions, even if in her heart she knows that Roarke wasn’t involved. After all, Roarke has connections to a lot of people – owning many companies and buildings ensures that. So Eve focuses on Towers’ family and her job, dredging up all her past convictions that she has secured for the state.

Then there is another victim, a young up and coming actress. Same scenario – found in the street, dressed for a meeting with someone, throat slashed. And this young actress also has a link to Roarke. The two were former lovers and have remained on friendly albeit distant terms. Eve is distressed by this. One link she can deal with, but two? Ties to two separate murder victims, obviously and forensically proven to be killed by the same person, and she’s got to do some interrogating. To make matter worse, Eve is having trouble getting accustomed to the speed at which her relationship with Roarke is progressing and the two are at some odds due to her inability to commit and his desire for it to be all or nothing. When Roarke walks out, Eve is faced with being alone – not something she’d normally worry about, but this is different. She’s finding it much harder to be without someone after having been with Roarke.

Eve figures out the killer is now in it for the glory – the publicity, the attention, the thrill of baffling the police force. She orchestrates a deal with a reporter-acquaintance to get the case -and Eve- a huge amount of exposure, giving the killer a new and very recognisable target, Eve herself. She’s determined to draw his attention and lure him in that way but when it backfires and the killer goes after the wrong person, Eve is forced to rethink her approach. The media are making her look foolish, playing up the lack of leads in the case, with one reporter in particular continually making a nuisance of himself and constantly getting her way. She’ll deal with him later but right now, she needs to focus on finding the killer….

The second book is always interesting in a series, because it’s a good test of how the author is developing their characters and whether or not it looks like an idea that can be sustained. Of course I already know this one is sustainable, because I’m coming very late to the In Death party, but having now completed book #2, I can see why these books have done so well and why there are now over 30 of them.

They are so incredibly readable! It’s so easy to just pick them up, settle down on the couch or in bed for a couple of hours and just rip through them. I thoroughly enjoyed this one, moreso than I did the first and I am really coming to appreciate the character of Eve. She has an incredibly disturbing past and she’s a really driven character, determined to be the best homicide cop she can be. She is able to battle through the gritty, gruesome details that come with her job and focus on finding justice for victims. Because of her lack of family in her background, she’s accused in this novel of not understanding family values and also, of lacking compassion, feeling and emotion. The barbs sting, low blows that they are but I have to agree with the counter-opinion put forward by Robb through Roarke and occasionally Feeny, that Eve does not at all lack compassion. If anything, she has an abundance of it, and it’s what drives her at times, do do this job. There’s very little dignity in death, especially a violent one and Eve has dedicated her life to making sure that those that suffer through violent crimes are avenged through the ways of justice. She’s an intriguing character and I am interested in learning more about her. In this novel Robb just began to touch on perhaps Eve getting to the bottom of her past and I think that will definitely be explored in further novels. That’s reason enough to keep reading.

I felt the criminal and procedural element was tighter and more interesting in this novel than in the first – more chilling as well. I’ve come to terms a bit more with the futuristic world. It’s kind of amusing how far advanced 2058 is in this world and although I am sceptical about a lot of the situations, there’s no doubt of the speed at which technology is advancing. I hope I live to see the day of something like the AutoChef. I quite like the idea of it making things that I request.

I’ll be picking up the 3rd novel from the library probably after New Years. I have a long way to go with these books but I don’t want to read nothing but them for the next month or two! Trying to space them out so they don’t get too routine. Enjoying them so far though so looking forward to continuing with the series.


Book #122 for 2010

3 responses to “Glory In Death – J.D. Robb

  1. Marg says:

    I can’t believe I have only read one In Death book this year. I really need to get back to this series.

    • When I find a series, I tend to devour them – which is ok if it’s a relatively small one! Ripping through 30 books in a short time is a great way to lose interest in a series though so I’m going to try and draw them out – 1 a month maybe.

      • Marg says:

        I tend to always spread series out so that I am not reading the same style/author one after another, although the series I am reading at the moment seems to be an exception to that rule!

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