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Mini Shopaholic – Sophie Kinsella

on October 7, 2010

I love the Shopaholic books. I reserved this one at my Library a little while ago, a month or six weeks, well before it came out in Australia and they just got it in on Tuesday. So I went and picked it up and tucked myself up on the couch yesterday with my sinus infection and read it. And laughed.

I think this one just might be my favourite!

It’s been two years since Shopaholic & Baby and the Arcodas mess has finally settled which means Luke and Becky have cash freed up to once again make an offer on a house. They’re still living with Becky’s parents, although it’s not for want of trying to find their own place. They’ve had four or five properties fall through but after the court case with Arcodas settles they feel like they can finally move on and start afresh.

Minnie is now a precocious two year old who is starting to take after her mother in many ways. She loves shopping and going to Starbucks for a muffin. After an incident in Santa’s Grotto, Luke starts to wonder if well, maybe Minnie is a little spoiled. Becky is horrified. Of course Minnie isn’t spoiled, she’s just high spirited. Becky was thinking it might be time for them to give Minnie a little brother or sister but Luke’s reaction to the idea is lukewarm at best, stating that they can’t even control Minnie, how would they go with another baby as well.

And from that disappointment, things sort of snowball. Luke becomes preoccupied with a huge financial crisis and everyone is in a state of panic. Becky’s dad declares that everyone has to Cut Back and now Becky faces the challenge of curbing not only her own spending, but Minnie’s too! Having worked out a system where Minnie can spend only her pocket money and justifying it only as Becky Brandon can, Becky issues Minnie with an overdraft just so she can have something. With Luke thinking that Minnie should be seen by a child behaviour expert and not allowed to buy anything, Becky is a bit depressed. However, she comes up with something to do to cheer herself up.

It’s Luke’s birthday soon and Becky decides to throw him the ultimate surprise party. She wants him to relax and enjoy himself and as always, everything snowballs until it’s out of control and Becky has no idea how to bring everything back under her control. Will this party be a disaster of epic proportions? Or will Becky pull it off at the last minute?

While the formula of Becky’s overspending has been kept, the spending in this book mostly revolves around Minnie, which is pretty typical for the mother of a 2yo. Becky doesn’t buy herself that much at all, but she lavishes her daughter with toys, clothes, shoes and trinkets, often with hilarious justification and results. As always Luke is often preoccupied with a crisis although this time thankfully it’s no big disaster at Brandon Communications. I was beginning to wonder how Luke kept managing to get into so much financial strife for a bloke that runs a multi-million pound company!

As always in these novels, Becky’s good heart shines through as she tries to throw Luke his surprise birthday party and make him forget about work and enjoy himself. Some of her diversions so that he won’t check his email/answer his phone/etc are truly hilarious. She lurches from one disaster to the next as only she can – from the ‘Supernanny’ type that comes out to assess Minnie, to a crisis at work, to crisis after crisis with the party, Becky always ends up to her neck in it. This book contained none of the frustrating moments of some of the previous ones where I always just wanted to scream at Becky to tell whoever she was keeping a secret from (usually Luke) what was going on before she gave herself a stroke. The drama in this novel, while entertaining and over the top and funny is somehow a bit more contained than the previous novels and for me, less infuriating! I think it’s because the secret Becky is keeping is a fun one, rather than one that can have some real serious consequences, like the one she keeps in Shopaholic Ties The Knot and the one Luke keeps in Shopaholic & Baby.

It seems like the ending paved the way for yet another Shopaholic novel and I can’t wait! They’re a perfect way to pass an afternoon, they’re so feel good and funny that I always end up immensely cheered, just from reading one. Actually after reading Mini Shopaholic last night I went and downloaded Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic for my Kindle because I’ve only ever listened to it on audiobook and I’ve never actually read it. I wanted to go back and see how it all started again. And that’s proved to be a dangerous exercise because now I just want to load the rest of them onto the Kindle and settle down for the afternoon!


(Book #70 of my 75 Book Challenge)

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