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Remember Me? – Sophie Kinsella

on August 10, 2010

I said in my Library post that this book sounded very similar to What Alice Forgot. What I didn’t realise was just how similar until I started reading. The comparisons are ginormous, but thankfully there are enough differences to stop this read from being unenjoyable. Lexi Smart wakes up in hospital from a week unconscious and is stunned to learn that it’s no longer 2004 and she’s not 25 anymore. It’s 2007 and she’s now old, she’s 28 (her words! I’m 28 myself, so I winced a little upon reading every proclamation that she was now old!).

Not only is Lexi 3 years older than she remembers being, she’s not the person that she remembers being. Gone are her crooked teeth, gone is the frizzy hair. She’s slim, toned, expensively done nails, white shiny teeth and sleek, shining chestnut hair. Her personal effects contain a Louis Vuitton bag and a tangle of very expensive gold jewellery. She’s also now the manager of her dept when before she was just lowly sales.

Lexi’s new life comes complete with a gorgeous husband and Kensington apartment with 10,000 quid sofas and a lighting design that covers everything from Mood: Seduction 1 to Disco Strobe! Her old besties, Debs, Caro and Fi are no where to be seen, despite the repeated messages she’s left them. Instead it seems her past time is yoga and time at the gym or shopping with Rosalie, groomed wife of an associate of her husbands. Despite the fact that Lexi cannot even remember learning to drive (it occurred during the 3yrs of her life that she cannot remember) she blithely hops back into the brand new Mercedes Eric (husband) orders for her to replace the one she had her accident in. Thinking it will all ‘come back to her’ she nearly plows into a wall, saved by an attractive man in jeans and a jacket who it turns out, will drop a bombshell on Lexi that knocks all the rest of the bombshells for six.

In both this book and What Alice Forgot the characters awoke from a coma to find they were slimmer, toned, more groomed, more glamorous than they remembered being. In Lexi’s case, she also awoke to having gone through a rapid promotion at her work and seemed to have acquired an attitude to match, being known as the Bitch-Boss-From-Hell. In Alice’s case it was 10years, 3 kids and a divorce she didn’t remember, in Lexi’s it was 3years and a marriage. I think because this one lacked children, and because she didn’t remember Eric because she met him during the missing 3 years, this one had a great deal more humour. It’s hard to make light of not remembering your own children, but in this case, it’s quite amusing when Lexi cannot remember anything about her marriage and her uptight, organised husband writes her a manual on their marriage cross referenced and in alphabetical order! Including F: Foreplay. Frequency etc. There were plenty of laughs in this book and I was sharing the story along with a friend of mine who was spending the weekend with me. She doesn’t like reading at all but she had to know what I was giggling about and kept asking me after that what was happening.

Once again Kinsella has managed to create a likable, amusing main character and spun a light hearted and fluffy story. I think I probably would’ve liked this book a bit more if I hadn’t read it so close to What Alice Forgot because there were so many similarities, but I still enjoyed it a lot. I like that in this novel, I felt much more invested in who I wanted Lexi to end up with in terms of romance whereas in What Alice Forgot I didn’t feel like we were given enough insight or knowledge of the Nick character (or the Dominic character actually) to really care if she ended up with one of them or none of them.

I actually think this book would make a great Rom-Com by the same people who made Four Weddings and a Funeral or something like that, keeping as strictly to the book as possible. There are a lot of moments in here that I think would transfer quite well to a big screen and I think characters like Lexi’s husband Eric, her mother, and her sister could be easily exploited for comedic relief.

That said, the ending did let me down. I feel certain aspects were wrapped up far too easily and swiftly without the reader knowing quite how the end result was achieved. There was also a poor resolution in the issue of her lost memory, and the love triangle of the novel. I’m trying not to spoiler anything, but it felt like there was no real reasoning behind several decisions Lexi makes in the novel and the grand decision at the end takes up about a page. I like a little bit more fleshing out of my romantic partnerships in novels, I want to feel the way they do. Not skim a couple paragrphs and think to myself ‘oh what? Are they together now?’

Funny, enjoyable but a bit of a rushed ending for me.


(Book #47 of my 50 Book Challenge)

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