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Organisation – All In Vain

on July 7, 2010

Last week I was a bit of a busy bee. Due to space restrictions, we have a pitiful one bookcase, with the rest of our books being stored in a large double built-in cupboard with deep shelves. The books are stacked 2-3 high and usually 2-3 deep as well. It can make finding things a bit difficult and whenever we buy new books they usually just get shoved in anywhere they fit. So I decided to change that.

I rounded up all the books we’d bought recently that hadn’t been read, and some ones we’d isolated into a box when we’d uploaded our collection to our LibraryThing about six months ago, and emptied the bookcase we have. The two bottom shelves were already empty, as our toddler used to pull everything out that was that low, but he’s at the age now where he leaves things alone (mostly). One other shelf was dvd’s, which I pulled out and packed away into a box and I emptied the two actual shelves that contained books. Anything we hadn’t read I added to the pile of new books, anything we had I put onto another pile to go into the cupboard.

Due to the fact that I read a lot faster than my partner (he works long hours, and doesn’t have the time that I do to read) I have a lot more books in my TBR pile than he does. So I got 3.5 shelves, and he got 1.5 – fair deal I thought as I spent the whole afternoon organising and re-organising and creating a nice, neat go-to bookcase for whenever we are looking for our next book to read. I managed to fill it pretty easily and had to set aside some old favourites I’d dug out to re-read as they just didn’t fit as priority was given to stuff that hadn’t been read.

Of course it’s all semi-pointless now as we’re moving in the next 2 weeks and everything has to be taken out and packed and carted to the new house and unpacked and then re-stacked and re-organised again! At least now I suppose I can keep the books from the bookcase separate. The best part is our new house has a lot more room, and an actual official study/office type thing! So we plan to buy more bookshelves and hopefully get a lot more of our books out of cupboards! It also has a second living room, so when we fill the study with books, we can keep going!

Also, a new order arrived today – 12 books from Booktopia so I need to go through and try and find a way to fit them in!

2 responses to “Organisation – All In Vain

  1. Shannon says:

    I have this problem – but no spare bookcase to utilise! They’ve begun piling up on my desk. I love seeing photos of people’s bookcases though. Perhaps when you settle into the new house you can post new photos? *bats eyelashes*

    My books are two rows deep with more horizontally on top in two more layers. I try to keep the read books at the back but I also have a need to organise by genre and size (in order to fit the most in), so it doesn’t always work out 🙂

  2. As soon as we get moved in and I get some new bookcases and get everything organised, I will definitely post pics. I hate the idea of hiding all the books away in a cupboard out of sight! And I hate even more having to search through hundreds looking for a book that I must read, only to not be able to find it! Can’t wait until those days are over!

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