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Spoiled For Choice….

on June 28, 2010

My TBR pile is sort of huge at the moment. Huge for me, anyway. It’s not often that I keep buying and buying and buying before I’ve caught up on reading everything new I’ve already bought but lately I’ve been going on some serious buying sprees! I was going through all my new purchases, adding them to Library Thing and trying to decide the order I might read them in.

The Passage, by Justin Cronin, has to be first. I finally picked this up in Borders yesterday. I say finally not because it had been out for ages and it’d taken me that long to get it – actually it only got released here on the 24th of June. But finally because it feels like everyone has read this book except me! I’ve seen stellar reviews for it everywhere, on so many book blogs. There’s been some promotional press. And I listened to an audio excerpt read by the pretty awesome Edward Herrmann. Let’s make no mistake – this is a whopping mother of a book. It’s 766 pages of the large paperback size. But I would listen to every word read by Edward Herrmann. He really does just have the best voice! So anyway after searching for it in bookshops every time I went in, and tossing up pre-ordering it 200x, I now have it. And it shall be read. And I will see what all the fuss/hype is about!

A couple of years ago, I’d have devoured this book the second I got home with it. I got it yesterday when I was in Borders looking for The Passage and so far, I’ve barely glanced at it. I think I bought it more out of habit, than out of any real desire to read it. I started reading the Stephanie Plum novels in 2000, when I was 18. I read the first 5 and 6 had just been published in Australia, so I rushed out and bought that right away. I loved them all. Then began the long wait of a year between books. 7 and 8 were well worth it. 9 was average. 10 hooked me right back in. Unfortunately since then, it’s been all downhill. 11 and 12 were mediocre. 13 was blah. 14 and 15, especially 15 were downright sloppy and un-enjoyable. Clichéd and overdone and trite. I almost gave up then and there, but the thing is, I’ve invested a lot of years into these books. I feel the need to stick it through to the end. There is always the hope that they’ll improve. Get back the fun and the mystery. Hell after 15, I’d be happy if 16 actually had a plot.

Also bought this yesterday. I’ve been looking for it for a couple of weeks. I’d seen it in large paperback form but I knew the small one was floating around somewhere and yesterday I finally found it. I read a big spread on Leah Giarratano in the Herald Sun (my State’s rag-tag newspaper) in the Saturday Arts/Entertainment section and thought this novel sounded fascinating. Disturbing – in researching it she actually visited Silverwater jail, NSW’s high security facility, and interviewed pedophiles and child sex offenders – but fascinating. She also narrates a television show here named Beyond The Darklands. The interview stressed that the subject matters of her books and TV show are so bleak that her own mother won’t read or watch. The author is psychologist who specializes in sex offences and has worked with psychopaths. It’s also the first of a series – set in my old state too, which will be nice. I love reading books set in other countries but sometimes there’s a lot of fun in ‘marking out’ when you see/read familiar landmarks. I think I will count this as one of my books for my 2010 World Challenge – Australasia continent.

My fiance is quite a fan of Anita Shreve. He owns a couple of her books, but I haven’t read them yet. They’re on yet another list, called ‘Books I need to find in the Book Cupboard”. The Book Cupboard is 3 shelves stacked double high and triple wide. Finding a book can take days. Sometimes you get lucky and you open the door and it’s just sitting there. Staring at you. Mostly though it’s 3 rows back. And down the bottom. We really do need more space. Or more bookcases. Or something. Anyway, I read a review of this book on yet another book blog (which one I do not even remember now, I have come across so many lately) and decided I must read it. I had actually started reading it the day before I bought The Passage and was just a few pages in. I have to say, it really does grab you in with a pretty interesting opening scene. I will either alternate reading this and The Passage, or put it to one side until I finish The Passage, depending on how engrossing it is.

Well, I’ve read Twilight series. I enjoyed the first book, while I was reading it. The second book was a little irritating as I didn’t like how pathetic Bella became in it. The third book wasn’t too bad, even though I didn’t particularly like the character of Jacob at all. The fourth book though. Oh dear God. The fourth book. It would have to be one of the biggest piles of drivel I’ve ever read. I can’t even begin to explain how much I didn’t like it. At all. I mean, Renesme? COME ON! If you want to do that, than at least give the two mothers names that can be meshed. And if you didn’t plan it that far in advance, and realised that you had two names which couldn’t be meshed in any circumstance then – DON’T DO IT! Anyway. I didn’t buy this book. It’s been a while since I read Eclipse so I actually have no idea who Bree Tanner actually is…. A friend of mine gave me this book to borrowand said that I had to read it. I’ll give it a go. It cannot, cannot, cannot be any worse than Breaking Dawn.

I actually bought this book specifically for my 2010 World Challenge. It’s set in Eritrea, Sudan, Egypt, Palestine and then Britain. But the bulk of it appears to be set in Africa, so I’m going to use it as one of my reads for the African continent. It’s about war – how the second World War affected Africa, which I already find interesting because I’m not sure I’ve ever once thought about that before. Maybe I’m shallow – I never considered how it might’ve had an effect on any of those countries. I’m not a history buff, I don’t really read up on wars and battles. I do like to read stories set during them though. This is definitely a different take for me, and that’s why I’m glad I signed up for the challenge. It’s really pushing me to look at books I wouldn’t normally look at, just because they’ll fit in with the requirements, lol. And hopefully I’ll find lots of really fantastic books. And seek out books like these in the future, not because they comply with a challenge, but because I’ve discovered wonderful new authors.

This was an impulse buy. I bought it just because it caught my attention and I liked the blurb on the back cover… “When Alice Love surfaces from a strange, beautiful dream to find she’s been injured in a gym, she knows that something is very wrong. Her first concern is for her unborn baby, and she’s desperate to see her husband Nick, who she knows will be worried about her.

But Alice isn’t pregnant. And Nick isn’t exactly rushing to her bedside. She’s a mother of three going through a bitter divorce.

Alice has lost 10 years of her life – and she wants them back”.

It’s nothing blindingly new – amnesia and losing bits of a character’s life has been done. But it sounded interesting and I found myself really wanting to know what happened.

This I think, will end my gorging of Kathy Reichs books. This is the current one in the series, although I think one is due out sometime later this year. And there is another one I haven’t read, which is on it’s way to me from the US. Apart from that, I’ve read the entire series in 6 months and although at times they’ve gotten a bit repetitive, I can give them a pass for that considering how close together I’ve read them. There was only one I really didn’t like. The rest of them have been good entertaining reads – occasionally unrealistic in how much she manages to get involved, but I love the forensic details and I like the romance subplot. I find them easy to knock over when I have a couple of hours. I don’t really need to put everything aside to focus on them and I can usually read them while I’m cooking dinner or something like that.

Another impulse buy. It’s a book I’ve wanted to read for a little while but I hadn’t gotten around to getting it. I am usually so-so on some of the great classics. Maybe I’m a philistine – seduced by the masses of popular fiction and ignoring the subtle and brilliant classics. Anyway the story sounds really interesting, probably even more so after all the reality TV that has been rammed down our throats for the past 10 years. People have been introduced to the idea of living their entire lives in front of cameras and at the whim of a person – even if it was only briefly and mostly for amusement.

These are just the books I’ve bought in the past week. I also have a 12-book order arriving from Booktopia sometime in the next 10-14 days and I haven’t finished many of the books I’ve bought from them in the last 2 orders. At the moment they’re just stashed around the house in various places. I really would like to get a small (3ft x 3ft) book case and have that as my TBR collection. All kept together nice and neat and organised and moved out into the Book Cupboard when they are finished. Might be something to really think about as my current system really isn’t working!

7 responses to “Spoiled For Choice….

  1. Shannon says:

    I just ordered The Passage from the Book Depository – they had the UK and US editions so I ordered the UK paperback because I don’t like the US hardcover!! I love that site! (Haven’t heard of Booktopia – Book Depository does free shipping and they’re cheaper than Amazon.) I’d only heard of it through two blogs though – Savidge Reads and Novel Insights – so I didn’t know it was making waves! I LOVE the premise though!

    I really want to read Black Mamba Boy too, have to get a copy soon. I’ve become really bad at buying too many too quickly – so hard to keep up! But it’s my library 🙂

    Which Orwell book is that? Can’t make out the title…

  2. Shannon says:

    Oh, and I forgot to say: am totally with you on “Renesme” – what a horrid mouthful! It brought to mind how bogans are always playing around with the spelling of ordinary names and turning them into the stupidest collection of vowels you’ve ever had the misfortune to try and pronounce!! It’s so so very bogan!

  3. I just finished The Passage last night! It’s a monster of a book but an absolute page-turner. It really is worthy of all the hype I’ve read/heard about it! I just hope it’s not years and years before the next one, as I think it’s supposed to be a trilogy.

    Oh God, yes. Renesme is like every bad bogan made-up name I’ve ever heard! That just seemed sloppy to me, like she didn’t plan ahead and was then too lazy to think up a meaningful name. I think any name would’ve been better than that one though. It would be hard to have found two more names that meshed worse than the ones she’d chosen as Bella’s mother’s name and Edward’s adopted vampire mother-type thing name.

    Have you read The Host?

  4. Shannon says:

    Yeah I did read it The Host, it was more obviously corny but there was still lots I liked about it. I just don’t expect too much and it works out 😉

  5. I just read your review and I totally agree with you – I really didn’t like Jared either and I found that he crossed that line between being ‘bad boy’ and just plain nasty. I much preferred Ian. Meyer does seem to be fixed on that whole ‘boys who are really mean to you secretly LOVE you’ and does anyone do that past the first grade?

  6. Brandyn says:

    Yeah I’m going to be really annoying for awhile commenting on ancient posts.

    Totally agree with you on Renesme. And it’s worse when you add in what she say is the middle name “Carlie” (Carlile and Charlie combined). She should have just gone with Carlie.

    I’m really missing Stephanie Plum now (the good one from the early books). I gave up after book 10. I attempted book 13 on a plane and decided staring at the seat back in front of me was more entertaining. I never chose a side though. I wasn’t team Joe or team Ranger, I was just team “make up your mind already” by book 10.

    I’m heading to the bookstore tonight to get The Passage (your review convinced me I needed the physical copy instead of Kindle version)


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