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Lover Awakened – J.R. Ward

on June 13, 2010

Hmmm. Vampire porn. That’s pretty much what this series is. I’ve read a few vampire books lately and these ones do take the cake for graphic sex scenes. Most seem to suggest rather than describe graphically. This one… this one is all about the graphic!

So. Zsadist is one of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, an elitist vampire group who fight to save their kind. Their kind is under threat by an opposing group known as the lessers. The lessers are trained assassins who, upon sign up, submit their soul to their ruler, the Omega. Szadist is well named. He was sold as a slave when he was young and ended up a blood and sex slave for someone referred to only as the Mistress. He suffered unspeakable abuse – mental, physical, sexual and is now a ‘damaged being’. Out of control, sinister, sadistic, etc. Enter Bella, a vampire kidnapped by the lessers in book 2 (which I’ve not read). Zsadist is obsessed with finding her, and when another kidnapped vampire escapes from the lessers with Bella’s help, the Brotherhood get confirmation that Bella is indeed alive and where she’s being held. So they rescue her. And burn down the lessers house.

Bella is undeniably drawn to Zsadist and he is the person she chooses for her comfort as she heals. Zsadist doesn’t know how to comfort anyone – he doesn’t like to ever be touched and he doesn’t ever like to touch others, unless he’s killing them. It’s obvious he feels drawn to her also, even though he doesn’t know how to deal with this. He also experiences sexual attraction for the first time in his life, as before Bella, he associates all sexual acts as being associated with pain and being forced upon him and from him, from his time as a slave. It was interesting to read a story where the male has absolutely no idea what to do, sex-wise. He is really and truly a fish out of water in these scenes, and he takes quite a while to get over being ‘dirty’ – left over from his days of being abused. Bella is patient and gentle and errr, a doormat. She takes Zsadist’s rejections over and over and over again and still goes back for more.

The story really is focused on Zsadist and his journey and Bella seems to be just there playing a support role. He obviously lived a horrific life prior to being rescued from the slave hole he was kept in and he embraces that and keeps it with him. It fuels him in his job of killing lessers and it fuels him to live his live as solitarily as he can, even if he is a member of the Brotherhood. Bella changes all that, she shows him that he can live another way. And even though he’s scarred and damaged, both inside and out, he’s still pretty special.


8/10. I like Zsadist. I’ve read the first novel in this series and I thought he was interesting then. He’s an absolute bastard but the author is blunt and descriptive enough about the horrors he’s gone through that he’s a character you can be sympathetic to. I give half a point for a different take on the vampire porn in that he’s not some amazingly talented in the sack vampire who has already slept with and discarded, thousands of women. Bella is the first woman he sleeps with willingly, which was refreshing.

(Book #32 of my 50 Book Challenge)

2 responses to “Lover Awakened – J.R. Ward

  1. Marg says:

    Z is my favourite. i really need to get back to this series.

  2. […] Lover Awakened by J.R. Ward. My favourite of the Black Dagger Brotherhood books. Another series I’ve long abandoned now but I will always have a bit of love for Zsadist and Bella. […]

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