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Dead In The Family – Charlaine Harris

on June 11, 2010

I am a recent convert to the Southern Vampire Mysteries. I bought the 8 book boxset off because it was $45. I’d never really even heard of them. I just thought that 8 books for that price sounded pretty good to me. Even if I didn’t really love them, I wasn’t that much out of pocket, given they retailed individually in most stores for $24-29. Well, after I got the boxset, I read all 8 in four days. And #9 was out, so I snapped that up not long later. And then I had just a few months to wait until this one, #10 Dead In The Family was released just a few days ago.

So it arrived in the mail today. I packed my 20 month old son off to bed for his afternoon nap. Made myself lunch. Told my fiance that it was ‘quiet time now’ and settled in on the couch to read. There’s nothing better than having a book that you’ve been looking forward to and nothing but time, peace and quiet to read it. And that’s what I did today.

After the heavy, macabre, fast paced, depressing last book, this one was a bit of a welcome scaling back. I didn’t mind the day-to-day details because I think you run a risk if every book has to be torture and death (well don’t worry, there’s still a body count at the end of the day when it’s all said and done) and sickening moments. This one was a lot of day to day life and Sookie healing, both physically and mentally. There was a lot of her relationship with Eric, and it’s ups and downs after the fae war. Then there’s the arrival of Eric’s sire, Appius Livius Ocella and Eric’s younger ‘brother’ Alexei.

I’m unashamedly Team Eric and I think this was a pretty big book for Eric. We got a resolution as to his whereabouts in the latter stages of the previous book and how he felt about that. We got a flat out declaration of love for Sookie and several indications of that. We got emotions and some clear defined feelings – including some we haven’t really seen from him before: fear. Uncertainty. Helplessness. Some probably wouldn’t like this, preferring to see him as the always in control Sheriff of Area 5, but I enjoyed the other side, especially when it was Sookie who had to spur him into action at the end of the book. I think this book shows the healthiest relationship Sookie has ever had and I liked the dynamic between Eric and Sookie. We are introduced to his house for the first time and it’s made obvious that Sookie does visit there quite often.

I’m no big fan of Bill, and haven’t been since the second book. He was almost tolerable in this one, but with a side of his uptight sleaze – I know, a complete oxymoron there, but that’s kind of how it was. But I did like the new twist for Bill and I hope that continues through the series, mostly because it was getting a bit old to have him sniffing around Sookie again and again in his ‘gentlemanly manner’. I feel that Charlaine Harris has sort of made a resolution there. If I was Team Bill, I’d probably be crying my little eyes out now, but I’m not. So I’m not!

Actually, I think resolutions are a big theme throughout this book. A lot of things definitely get resolved and laid to rest. There’s a maturity, a development, for many characters. I think the next book will move primarily into a war for control over Area 5 and possibly greater Louisiana. It seems like Harris has tied up a lot of loose ends in order to move on and some seeds sown in this book suggest that might be where things are heading in the future. I try to avoid reading plotlines for future books of a series that I like, so I don’t know anything about what is occurring in #11 but that seems the logical conclusion for me.

8.5/10 – a really trashy but funny afternoon read. I reckon I could read this one start-to-finish over and over.

(Book #29 for my 50 Book Challenge)

2 responses to “Dead In The Family – Charlaine Harris

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