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Good customer service is everything!

on June 7, 2010

I’m a big fan of the Australian online bookstore Booktopia. It’s kind of like an Australian Amazon and given that shipping from the US costs a fortune, it’s a pretty amazing alternative. They’ll ship you pretty much any amount of books for about $6.50 or so. And if it’s not in their warehouse, they’ll order it in from one of their suppliers from the US or wherever. And that costs nothing 🙂 So ever since I’ve found the site, I’ve put in quite a few orders.

Last week I ordered 4 books – I was only really interested in one, but I felt stupid ordering just one book, so I found a few more that interested me and finalised that order. One of them had to be ordered in from the US so I knew it’d be at least a week-10 days before I got the order, but that was fine. A couple days later I got an email from Booktopia about their end of financial year sale, which included a link. If you’ve bought from them before, they often give you ‘first look’ at their sales and the prices are cheaper also. So I toddled off to have a look and ordered about 6 books – for about $30, including postage! It was only when I was writing down what I had coming, from both the Booktopia orders, that I realised I’d actually ordered the same book twice! In my haste to add a few books in to my first order, I had selected a few that look intriguing and then when I was looking through the sales titles, I added one of the same books to my second order. I knew I’d looked at it before, but I totally forgot I’d actually ordered it!

In my first order, the book was $9.95. In the second order, the book was about a third of that price. I wrote a message to the site admins, asking them to remove the book from one of my orders, fully expecting them to remove it from the 2nd order where it was cheaper, as I had placed it into the first order beforehand, obviously. I had no problems about that, it was my silly and careless mistake and I’d be happy if they just agreed to delete it off either of my orders as I really didn’t want to have bought the book twice.

I received a message back this morning saying they’d deleted the copy off my first order as it was still pending as they were waiting for the book ordered from the US, but my 2nd order was already completed and ready for shipping. So they removed it from the order where it cost $9.95 and are crediting me that amount to my account, valid for one year. I was amazed. I know that they’d already finalised my second order, but they could’ve probably just credited me the cost of the book on that order. I was super impressed. I’m probably a good customer, as I’ve ordered over 30 books off them in the past few months and I’ll continue to keep ordering at that pace, considering the prices. I’d have kept ordering even if they hadn’t been as generous in their dealings with the problem but it’s nice to know that they are so approachable and generous. It makes me want to buy even more from them now! The amazing prices are just a bonus.


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