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My Reading Lists

on May 28, 2010

These are the books I’ve bought in the last 2 or so weeks – I can’t help myself, I’m never the sort of person who can just buy ONE book. I always leave a bookstore, or check out of an online order with 5 or 6…or 10. At least these books will keep me well on track for my 50 book challenge, I figured out once I get through them all I only need to read 10 more books and I’ll hit the #50!  And chances are I’m going to buy plenty more books before I even get through these ones! The #10 of Southern Vampire Mysteries is due out very soon, as is #16 of the Stephanie Plum series but I’m going to have to make a decision whether or not to give up on the Steph Plum series or stick it out until the grim end. I love the earlier books – numbers 1-10 are light, witty, interesting reads that I love to pick up when I’m looking for a bit of a laugh. Books 11-15 have been cheesy, slapstick uninspiring reads that makes me wonder if they’re not being ghost written by someone else to keep the series going. They just don’t have the same tone anymore, and lots of little details from the first half of the series have vanished in the second half. I sort of tend to think I will stick it out until the bitter end, because I’ve invested so much time in them over the years, and because I have a serious need for closure with books. Even though I’ll probably end up bitching about all the books after I read them, until the series is finally laid to rest.


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