All The Books I Can Read

1 girl….2 many books!


on May 23, 2010

Welcome to my new book review blog! I am Bree and I’ve been inspired to start a blog keeping track of each book that I read and my thoughts on them all. I’m not paid, nor am I affiliated with any person or company, it’s just purely for my reference and pleasure. I’m just a book addict from way back – all starting with reading The Baby Sitters Club. Does anyone remember those? I was 7 when I started, and I think they were 13. I was probably 11 or 12 when I finished those and moved on to Sweet Valley High and the baby sitters were still 13! From SVH I graduated to the more adult Sweet Valley University with forays into The Saddle Club and The Thoroughbred Series during my horse mad teenage years. I would read anything I could get my hands on, and that included, in desperate times, my grandmother’s Mills & Boon novels. Yes, it’s true. At first I was only allowed to read the ones that either her or my mother had read first and deemed appropriate. But after a little while they got sick of having to read them first, as I’m far faster than either of them and just let me read whichever ones I wanted. I grew bored of those after a while, as all the stories were the same, it was just the names of the characters and the ethnicities of the main man that changed. I delved into chick lit after high school, lots of Cathy Kelly, Marian Keyes, Kate Thompson etc and I still enjoy those sorts of books every now and then for a bit of fluff reading. The smart to fluff literature ratio has to balance out – sometimes it’s 3-4 literature books to 1 fluff. If they’re heavy or disturbing, it might be 1 literature book to 5 chick lits before I’m ready to delve back in to something heavier.

Basically, I’ll read anything recommended to me. I don’t really discriminate except I don’t really like science fiction. If it’s set in space, or on a space ship, or on another planet with aliens, well then I’m not really a fan. My tastes are wide ranging and meeting my soon to be husband, an avid collector of books himself, has broadened them immensely. I read books I would not have even looked at in a bookshop merely because they were in the house and have discovered some wonderful authors through him. If you’re curious about what sort of books I have, you can check out my LibraryThing which is our combined library. Can I just say that I really heart LibraryThing? Buying a book for my beloved for a present was a -nightmare- previously because I’d firstly have to be stealthy when I went through all the cupboards storing our hundreds of books, stacked 2 rows high and 2 rows back and looking at what he had and trying to decide what to buy him. Now I can just sit down, look it up on that and then buy it or find another title he doesn’t have in under 2 minutes. So.Much.Easier!

I’m currently undertaking a personal challenge for 2010 to read 50 new books (never read before, not necessarily new to being published) from 1st January – 31st December. So my reviews are going to be a mixed bag, some will be brand new that I’ve just picked up, some will be older, ones I’ve dug out of our personal stash. The only thing they’ll all have in common is that I’ll not have read them previously. I’m really looking forward to getting this blog off the ground as books are something I’ve always been passionate about and even though it seems dorky, reading is usually the first way I’ll choose to pass my spare time. So if you’ve stumbled across this blog, say hi! Don’t be afraid to join in – the more the better. What’s a book without some discussion?


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